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Rising Sun by CMON

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Less than a day in and almost at $1.5 million  o_o

Really liking the sculpts for this, though I will admit I haven't read anything about the gameplay yet. CMON always seems to put out good product though, so this seems like a worthwhile project to back. Have to wait a year though...






and some monsters...






Note that all the monsters are to scale with the yellow human in the bottom picture.

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The campaign has been moving along nicely... already above $2 million! They have mostly unlocked a 6th faction, and just added the first add-on purchase - coins to be used in the game. Kinda lame, as they are charging $20 for coins that you can probably get for $5 on ebay from China,,,

Still, this guy is pretty cool:


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CMON has really upped the quality of their plastic minis. Too bad they don't package and sell them outside of their games. 

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