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Have Large Tyranids Army, Looking to Sell or Trade for Tau Equivalent

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Hey guys. I have a whole bunch of Tyranids, and I’m thinking I’d like to switch to a Tau army instead. Looking to trade or sell. This is mostly what I have, there might be a bit more in the lot but this is the basic list. 


Termagants 85
Hormagants 40
Genestealers 32
Gargoyles 20
Ripper Swarms 10
Tyranid Warriors 3
Hive Guards 2
Zoanthropes 4
Neurothrope 1
Exocrine 1
Swarmlord 1
Trygon 1
Trygon Prime 1
Hive Tyrant (Wings and FW Devourers) 1
Tervigon 1
Broodlord 1
Carnifex 2
FW Spore Mines 8

Its roughly $1400 MSRP so I’m looking for equivalent in Tau or offers.

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