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Competitive 40k Bracket

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Hey guys,

The next season of ITC tournaments is upon us. Usually I play 40k to toss some dice and have some giggles, but last year's experience at the Barrie Bash was a real eye opener to me. I went 1-4 and got trounced game after game. I'd like to improve my game and am looking for some help.

Through January and February I'd like to run a round robin tournament against other competitive players to get some reps in. Are you interested?



The Plan

I would like to run a round robin pool of 4 players playing 3 games in 6 weeks. If we can get a second pool of 4 players then we can do another round after the Barrie Bash with the top 4 players in a pool and the bottom 4 players in the second pool. The end result would hopefully be a relegation ladder system where players move up and down between pools every 6 weeks or so. I imagine that we could get  3-5 of these pools cobbled together and it would be neat to track progress through the ranks over the winter and spring seasons. While this is initially billed as a competitive organization, with more players comes more variety. In the end there would definitely be casual pools or re-assignment as needed if a player wants to level up or down for a month.


The Schedule

I'd like to have the first round robin heats done before February 18. A 4-person heat would start in early January. I would like to simply publish the required matches for the heat and leave it to the players to schedule their games over the month. There are no week to week matchups, only games that you are obligated to play in a pretty lazy time frame.


The Format

2000 points / ITC Missions will be used for the first heat. Missions for future heats will be decided by upcoming events.

Standings at the end of the heat will be Win/Loss/Draw. First tie breaker will be head-to-head result among the tied parties. Second tie breaker will be total mission points among the tied parties. Standings really only matter if we do a second heat in March. The March heat would see the top two from each bracket match up while the bottom two from each form the other bracket. Additional brackets would result in a more complicated re-distribution of players, but that is a problem for the future.


The Fees

This will initially be a free to play offering. If we can crack eight players I might charge a $10 initiation fee and $5 renewal fee every heat to keep people interested. Collected monies can be spent on prize support for locally hosted tournaments or can be used to buy a player's entry to a local tournament. This is not a money making exercise for me - I just find that people play their matches when they have skin in the game.



Congratulations! You made it through to the end of the post! Please voice your interest or add any relevant comments below.

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I know there will be 5 of us training for the Canhammer Team Tournament in April that would join. 

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I'm rubbish too, which is the point! I'll keep collecting names for a couple of weeks and then will put something together. Thanks for the help, guys.





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