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Escalation League Fall 2017 Wrap-Up

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Hey guys today we had our wrap up Apocalypse Party, 63000 points between 19 people! Speaking of people here are those lovely people:


Please note that this is not everyone that was in the league, missing is Aaron, Tyler S., and Blake.

The teams had Imperial vs Chaos with the xenos broken up between the two.  Each team selected a Warmaster for their team, selecting Davis and Abbadon for Choas vs Tyler B. and a unnamed Platoon Commander for the Imperium. The teams then secretly bid a time of 30 minutes or under for deployment, the lower bid got to deploy first and then go first. Chaos bid 15 minutes vs the Imperial 17.5. Chaos go to deploy first which allowed the Imperial team to counter deploy and then try to seize the initiative., which:


As you can see didn't go that well. Onto Chaos Turn 1!

For food we had some awesome stuff! We had homemade baked goods and pizza, what more could you ask for!


The day had many memorable moments, many of which you can see in the photos linked to below, the most memorable in my mind was when this bad boy decided to blow up!


That right, the big Eldar Phantom titan suffered an explosion! That meaning every unit within 3D6 suffered 2D6 mortal wounds.


Well, well, well 17" is certainly gonna cause a lot of damage.


And that it did! The explosion took out well over 3000 pts worth of models! This was just one of the crazy things that went down. The battle was hard fought, but unfortunately the Imperium didn't bring enough bodies, which allowed Chaos to control most of the objectives which gave them a commanding lead!


Thats right! Chaos won 38 to 15 points! This was at the end of turn 3 when people decided that the game came to a nice conclusion and we called it! What an amazing day of gaming, foods and friends. Many more pictures are available here:


As for the league below you will see the final results:


Here are some quick stats based off the above information:

Number of Players: 22

Total Scheduled League Game Played: 47/55 which is 85%

Total Number of Pick Up Games Played: 74

Number of Units Painted for the League: 66

Total Number of Raffle Points Earned: 688

Approximate Amount of Points Used During the League: 389700 (63000 of which was for APOC!)

All of the raffle entry cost was put back into gift certificates, for the $210 collected $320 worth of gift certificates were handed out, the winners were:

$50    Davis Centis
$50    Colin Kirkland
$35    Keith Hansen
$35    Tyler Saulnier
$35    Tyler Boorman
$25    Irvin Armitage
$25    Peter Longarini
$25    Brandon Carpenter
$25    Andrew Dispel
$20    Paul Nadeau

In addition to the gift cards plaques were handed out to people recognizing certain achievements, those achievements were:

Best Painted - OJ Andrews (Most vote in a online poll)
Best Overall - Jer Charron (most raffle points overall)
Best General - Irvin Armiage (most wins for schedules games)


And there you have it, a finish to a wonderful season! The next season will be starting late February so keep your eyes peeled for more information on that! Hopefully you guys had a great time!

Edited by Kevin
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Thanks for running these escalation leagues Kevin. Tracking pairings and performance week over week is a little slice of Excel hell that I'm glad you took on.


That store was packed all Fall and this league was a big reason for that. Kudos!


Congratulations to the winners and all the participants as well. 40k is surely alive and well in these parts!

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