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Greyknights clean out

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Ok clear out my extra stuff more will be added once i get things cleaned up in my hooby room 


Wall of Martyrs: Vengeance weapon Battery retail $60  selling for  $30 or Obo  Sold

10 40k ork boyz still on spure $20  no bases

Test of Honor by warlord games retail 50$ asking 25$


Confrontation ORCS OF BEHEMOTH asking 50$ for the lot 


Extra infinty models mostly pano some new and old models asking 25$ for the whole lot  SOLD


got this model  when i was a press ganger  Limited model give to all press gangers Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist asking 25$ for him SOLD


A few Tyranid modles asking 25$ for the lot Zoanthrope sold warriors 10$




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Dave is the zone your selling the new HQ one ?  Do you have the bits for the warriors to make them basic load out ,with a venom cannon ? I am interested ,  depending on the answers lol of course.

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