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Tonnes of Random Stuff/NIB Kits

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Hey guys, so I got rid of all my army lots! What you see below is everything left over I have hat I don’t need. Gonna be some great deals, if needed shipping is possible, prices are in Canadian, payment via Paypal or E-mail money transfer.

Pictures of Everything: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gqad2RGp1lRicCuP2

2x Sector Imperialis Objective Sets - $25 each
1x Galvanic Servohaulers - $35
1x Drukhari Raider - $32
1x Tzaangor Skyfires - - $35
1x 32mm Sector Imperialis Bases - $25
2x Drukhari Helions - $20 each
1x FW Shadow Spectre Exarch - $20

Painted Grey Knight Characters:
1x Assassin Set (1 of each Assassin Painted Like Deadpool) - $100

Other Models:
1x Blood Angels Dread (missing talons) - $15
1x Land Speeder Strom with 5 Scouts - $20

Cases and Dice:
1x Command Dice - $10

Misc Other Stuff:
1x Airbrush Fluid Set - $10
1x Shadow War Armageddon Book - $20
1x The Carrion Throne Novel - $10
1x Ultra Pro Case and Pro-Binder - $20

1x Floating Island Terrain (w/ teleport pads and bridges) - $75
1x Resin Desert Bunker - $30
1x 3x3 Neoprene Space Mat (from GameMat.eu) - $30
1x 2D Neoprene Warmachine Terrain Set (From GameMat.eu) - $20

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