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Advice on preparing for Dynastys

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I've finally done alot of work assembling and painting my Necrons. I'm very happy with the results and want to continue improving my army. 

They laid the ground work to make Necron Dnasty's significant. Necron Dynasty paint jobs have been introduced in 7th. Now in 8th some of the HQ's only give their bonus to specific Dynasty's. In the next codex I wonder if they might give Dynasty bonuses similar to Chapter bonuses in the space marine codex.

If so I am nervous to paint my army the wrong colour.

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Since there are no Dynasty specific models for Necrons (unlike Astra Militarum, for example) you should be fine to pick a Dynasty as you see fit once the rules hit. I would expect that all models with the same colour scheme use the same Dynasty rules, but just like Space Marine successor chapters you can pretty much pick the dynasty that you want to play regardless of the paint job.

After a few games (or at another tournament) I would expect that if you are running multiple detachments from different dynasties that you would paint the detachments differently. For now keep on getting the metal colours painted on your models. All your Necrons will have metal, so get them all to that point. When you have a second dynasty that you want to take advantage of you can add on a spot colour that is different from the gold that you are currently using on your rank and file.


I've seen red Ultramarines and blue White Scars. As long as the paint job is consistent across the models in the detachment you're usually ok.

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