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Necrons are under powered

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I am in some of the Facebook Necron threads and often hear that Necron's under powered. After the Beer and Pretzel Open I call Bull Shit on that.

Playing in 8th edition is a change and there are some serious challenges for us. The main challenge is adjusting how we deal with vehicles / monstrous. We can no longer rely on large volumes Guass for those targets. We have 3 decent options in our index (H destroyers, DD arks and Stalkers). Plus the Pylon from forge world. Last edition those models didn't see a lot of play.I only used a single H destroyer from that list. Now models from that list are essential.

In BPO I played 951 points of vehicle killers, and didn't feel like I brought vehicle overkill. Inn all three games we finished with my opponent still having vehicles on the board. I'm not saying my vehicles are weak. I love the DD ark and stalker. A large part of their value is their durability, and versatility.

How we use the vehicles is also something people struggle with. The DD ark has three guns. Most people who complain about it only use it for it's big gun (I lost the one game where I only used mine for their big gun, won my other games where I used all 3 of it's guns). It's a tough vehicle that has some good short range guns, but is weaker if it moves. I like it front and centre where it will be focussed on but might get to use all of it's guns, or at the very least absorb damage for the rest of my army.

I'm not sure that I'm happy with having to invest such a high % of my points into having anti vehicle weapons. In 7th we could be effective with mostly troops, maybe a canoptek harvest for wraiths and or a destroyer cult. Now I feel obligated to spend almost half my points on anti vehicle weapons. Leaving only half for my HQ's Infantry and Close Combat combined. Forcing me to use small troop counts.

Necron's no longer have a cheap response to vehicles. Warriors, Immortals, Scarabs, are all nice units but no longer effective vs vehicles. I just sort of wish we still had an answer to vehicles on a smaller unit. O well we still have answer's, 4 of them. That's my perspective for trying to understand my army. I haven't played many games of 8th but from those games my Necrons felt balanced. Certainly not under powered. Perhaps those people complaining miss us being over powered, and in the past Necrons have been over powered from time to time. From my limited experience 8th feels more balanced.




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The internet is the way it is because, online, it's all or nothing for a lot of people. Either something is busted and needs to be nerfed, or it's way too weak to be seriously considered for competitive play. They don't tend to say "hey, for most players, this army gives a good play experience". Necrons right now do give a good play experience. They're tough, and you do have to kill them or else they regen, which is something not many other forces can do (if really any). I think most forces in the game right now are good for that, so I'm very happy with 8th so far!

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