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[Warhammer Community]The Warhammer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament: The Final Results

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The recent Warhammer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Final saw the best players from across the Mortal Realms battle it out at Warhammer World to be crowned the Age of Sigmar Grand Champion. The Warhammer World events team have collated all the data from the armies in attendance. If you’re interested in the trends, the top lists and the popular units, then have a read of our Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament breakdown.

It’s worth noting that this data is only from the Grand Final. Whilst this consists of the top 90 players who attended the Grand Tournament, it is still a specific cross-section of Age of Sigmar gaming. With this in mind, it’s important not to draw too many conclusions from the data herein. In reality, there’s nothing quite like knowing the game really well and fully understanding your army. The fact that the event was won by a unique Mixed Order army is a great example of this – nothing beats a good, knowledgeable general with a sound plan and a bit of luck!

First of all we have the breakdown of Grand Alliances:


At 39 players Order leads the field, with Chaos in second. Worth noting that Order and Chaos respectively have a greater selection of warscrolls and allegiances – there are more units and armies to choose from in these grand alliances.


Despite an Order player winning the event, and Order having the most players in attendance, Chaos just about beat them to the highest average score. In other words, Chaos players finished highest overall on average.  

We can then break down the Grand Alliances further into their allegiances.


Stormcasts lead the field; fitting for Sigmar’s own! Sylvaneth are in second with 6 in total, which means fewer Sylvaneth players at the GT final than in previous heats. That’s not necessarily a reflection of Sylvaneth however. The clear indication here is that the other allegiances are catching up. Seraphon, Mixed Order and even Fyreslayers have shown considerable growth since the release of General’s Handbook 2017. With the Handbook being so recent as well, who knows what the future could bring for these armies as players come to terms with their new allegiance abilities and points adjustments.


Mixed Chaos lead the field, so the Gods must be getting on with each other these days! One thing to note is that some of the Mixed Chaos armies still followed a certain theme (e.g. Khorne units), but declared for Mixed Chaos to use the allegiance abilities available to them, or to use the odd units from other allegiances that wouldn’t fall under allies ordinarily. When this happened, we have grouped them under their theme to give you a clearer indication of an army. The same can be said for Skaven. Even though they might have used a mixture of different allegiances, we have grouped them as Skaven players instead.

Like Sylvaneth, there were fewer Tzeentch players at the GT final than in previous heats. Again, just like the previous Order split, this is a reflection on the other allegiances more than anything. The 3 Slaanesh players, for instance, were making use of their new abilities.


Death players went one of two ways. It’s worth noting that whilst no players used the new Death allegiances of Soulblight and Nighthaunt, many discussions were taking place about their viability in the future! With the Handbook being released relatively close to the GT final, it’s hard to paint up an entirely new army in time and get practice games in, so many players were talking of the next GT season as an opportunity to bring Nagash’s minions back for some revenge!


Ironjawz were going strong with 5 out of 12 Destruction players using them. The other allegiances broadly fell under Mixed Destruction, however, we’ve grouped them by theme to give you an understanding of what was being used. It’s also worth noting that whilst Beastclaw only crops up once, other allegiances still used them in some capacity such as Grots with some Beastclaw buddies!

Sounds fun? Think you’ve got what it takes to represent your favourite faction? Tickets for the next season of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament are on sale – pick your heat, purchase your ticket and ready your army for war.


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