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[Warhammer Community]Fireworks in Rivenstead 2017 Review

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Jay Clare: Last weekend, I made the long trip south from Nottingham to East Grinstead to take part in the annual ‘Fireworks in Rivenstead’ event, run by Sam Page and Craig Harrison. Every year, Sam and Craig provide a small twist in how players build their army lists to add an extra layer of intrigue to the event. This year, army lists were to be made up to 1,000 points, and the twist was that every Hero (that was able) had to take a warband of at least three Warriors, and for each model with access to Magical Powers, all casting values increased by one!

With this in mind, I took the following army:

Warband 1: Wanderers in the Wild

Treebeard (leader)
12 Woses Warriors

Warband 2: Minas Tirith

Madril, Captain of Ithilien
12 Guards of the Fountain Court with shield

Warband 3: Minas Tirith

12 Guards of the Fountain Court with shield

Warband 4: Lothlórien & Mirkwood

10 Galadhrim Warriors with spear & shield
1 Guard of the Galadhrim Court with banner
1 Wood Elf Sentinel

Warband 5: The White Council

Galadriel™, Lady of Light

Game 1 – Capture and Control

The first round of the event saw me paired against Strategy Battle Game veteran Mikolaj Bakalarz, and his mix of High Elves and Gondor led by Boromir, Glorfindel and Elladan & Elrohir. Both of us deployed our forces as close to the centre of the board as possible, and I immediately charged into combat with Treebeard, causing some major damage early on. The following turns saw Treebeard able to slay both of the Elven twins and, despite Boromir’s efforts in the early game, he was swamped and brought down by my force’s superior numbers. With Mik’s force broken, the game came to an end, and although he had prevented me from scoring a few key objectives, I was able to pull off a 6-2 win.


Game 2 – Hold Ground

In round two, I played against Jamie Giblin, a close friend and regular opponent of mine. His force comprised a mix of Wood Elves, Dwarves and Woses, all led by Thranduil, Legolas, Ghân-buri-Ghân, Flói, along with Galadriel and Boromir. Jamie’s force reached the centre of the board first, holding up my warbands on the edge of the battlefield. Knowing I couldn’t win the race for the middle, I decided to instead focus on killing Legolas, Jamie’s leader, and his other major Heroes. Treebeard was able to slay both Legolas and Galadriel, whilst my Legolas got the better of Boromir. With this, I then marched upon the centre in force, and was able to surround and defeat Jamie’s army – sealing me a 12-1 victory!


Game 3 – To the Death!

The final game of day one paired me against David Reid, another regular opponent I face at events. As usual, David had brought a mix of Harad and Mordor™, but this time had added in two of the three Trolls: Bill and Bert. The game started with both sides trying to gain the upper hand with their shooting, and this saw me chip off both of The Shadow Lord’s Fate points with Legolas and Beregond. David then decided that in order to win, he needed to charge his lines forward. Fortunately for me, Legolas was able to shoot The Shadow Lord before he could cause any real damage, and Treebeard was able to slay both Trolls in relatively quick succession. From here, I managed to break David’s army and slay his banner-bearer with a well-placed Hurl from Treebeard, gaining me a 7-0 victory.

Game 4 – Warganation

The fourth game was a custom Scenario made by Sam, where a number of Wargs would enter from random points on the board and try to attack both sides; whoever killed the most Wargs would win – simple. I was paired against another veteran – Damian O’Byrne, who had brought with him The Necromancer, The Keeper of the Dungeons and all nine of the Nazgûl of Dol Guldur – all of which had been converted. The game was tense, with both of us killing as many Wargs as we could as quickly as possible. The Nazgûl were proving hard to deal with as they kept coming back, thanks to their Unholy Resurrection special rule, though Galadriel did manage to banish the Lingering Shadow. In the end, neither force Broke and both leaders remained unscathed, so it came down to which of us had killed the most Wargs. Damian had killed 17 whilst I, mainly thanks to Legolas and his Deadly Shot special rule, had killed 23 – giving me a 4-0 win!

Game 5 – Ill met by Moonlight

Round 5 paired me against Harry Moore on the top table, in what promised to be a close game. Harry’s army consisted of a mix of Elves, Hobbits and Dwarves with Merry, Pippin, Thranduil, Legolas, Flói and Elladan & Elrohir as his Heroes. Harry’s army outnumbered mine, so I needed to kill as much from range as possible. The Scenario meant that models could only see 12″, which gave me an advantage as the Woses could only shoot their blowpipes 12″ anyway. As soon as Harry’s force got into range, it was peppered with blowpipe darts, arrows and the occasional thrown rock from Treebeard, which caused a significant amount of casualties, whilst at the same time mine took very few in return. This meant that Harry’s force then had to charge into combat to try to win. As the game progressed, I managed to break Harry’s force but came dangerously close to being Broken myself. The final turn saw Harry needing to kill just three models to break my force and secure a draw but unfortunately was unable to do so as Elladan failed to kill a single Woses Warrior in the last turn, making the game finish at 8-3 to me. The game was so close and Harry was, as ever, great fun to play against, so I gave him my Favourite Game vote.

Game 6 – Storm the Camp

The final round paired me against David Dyson and his Last Alliance-themed force. Both armies advanced quickly towards each other, firing as many arrows as they could. Galadriel suffered two wounds at the hands of David’s bowmen, whilst Legolas was able to slay Elrond over the course of turns, though he did have to spend most of his Might. As David’s lines advanced, my Wood Elf Sentinel was able to lure one of David’s Warriors of Númenor forward, allowing Treebeard to charge and then Hurl his unfortunate foe through the advancing ranks of Men and Elves. With David’s army mainly knocked Prone, my force was able to cause some major casualties over the next few turns, including Gil-galad, as I broke his force and the game came to a close with me pulling off a 6-0 victory.

With the event over, I had managed to win all of my games and ended up in first place! The whole weekend was fantastic, and I had a series of exciting, tactical and, above all, fun games – coming away with first place was a real honour! Congratulations also to Mikolaj Bakalarz for coming second, and Damian O’Byrne for coming in third.

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