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War machine weekend ? What happened?

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Warmachine Weekend is a fan run event not on official PP hosted convention.  As such they don't do a key note reveal there.

The event you're thinking of is Lock and Load.

There were however some spoilers and pre releases

- The revelator made its debut for Protectorate

- the 12 factions of christmas models were all present

- lots of troll models from the up comming release cycle were there.

- Iona the Unseen is a new circle female tharn warlock and her art was revealed


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Not warmachine weekend related but the non-new release Troll CiD came out.  If you love Madrak 1 and Champions, play it.  Quinn brought it to a game night and it is !@#$% good.  Definitely is a difficult list to play into.  Even ground (+2 defence and can't be knocked down while in Madrak's control range) and the changes to champs makes them really difficult to deal with.  Definitely going to see them on the table in tournaments to come. 

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