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House Rule Strategems

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On occasion people use house rules. One we often used is to roll off on rules disputes. It's quick and keeps the game running even if you may miss out on something. I like this one.


I'm wondering about the idea of house ruling custom stratagems.

If you have a hard time balancing points would it be easy to sacrifice command points for army points?

Re-rolling any die is pretty awesome, but I wonder if you could spend the point before something you really need to happen. Make it a little more powerful, but if it would have happened anyways you wasted your point.

Take Aim, +1 to your to hit and to wound rolls.

1 point if it's for a single gun. 2 points for an entire squad or all the items guns.

Charging, Close Combat, sphycic powers, theres a lot of times a single even could be very important. So spending command points to get a +1 to those would be beneficial, but I don't think unbalanced as there's a chance you would have had that result anyways, and now your out the command point.

But one thing that would worry me with house rules is if they effect some armies more than others. Take the +1 to hit rolls..... with tesla it's 3 times as effective. +1 to would would double the power of snipers, something I hadn't thought of when I suggested it but could make it too powerful.


Still I love the idea of sacrificing command points for extra army points. Personally I think a command point is far more valuable but if it makes making your army easier, then it could be worth it. As a Necron player I don't have as many options or upgrades available to balance my points out. It's also advantageous to bring max squad sizes so it makes it trickier to balance the points.

Alternatively +1 command point for every 10 points your under might be interesting. Although I would be tempted to bring 1,900 points to a 2k point game then.

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My absolute only issue with house rules is just that, they are house rules. So if you get good with an army based off a house rule it's almost never going to help you in a setting where you play outside of your group.

Now of course if you don't play outside your play group it will almost never come up, but that's my major gripe with them.

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