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Durek's Yard Sale thread

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Decided to consolidate my sale threads as I am adding a couple new things.  
2nd post will have any pictures if some are needed. 


  • 19 metal Naginatas I got years ago for some project or another
    Asking 5$  
  • 26 custom Chessex 40k Ork "Kult of Speed" dice (20 Red, 6 Yellow). bought them for approx 38$ (30$ US)
    Asking 20$  15$


  • Undead Lot
    - 1 GW metal Banshee
    - 36 Ghouls (all magnetised square bases) [ 26 painted] 7 OOP metal GW Ghouls, 14 plastic GW Ghouls, and 15 GW Gnoblars which make excellent Ghoulies (ghoul kids lol)
    - 30 Mantic Skeletons with spears, shields or hand weapons [10 unassembled] (primed black) in my opinion superior to GW as they have more detail and don’t break as much. Their scale is more realistic as a skeleton should be smaller than the human it comes from 😉 also comes with decals.
    Asking  70$  50$  40$
  •  Current plastic Eldar Wraithlord new on sprue.
    Asking 30$
  • Looking to sell my Blood Bowl Goblin team all metal from Willy Miniatures, mostly all assembled, unpainted.

  • Game of Thrones:
    Looking to sell 2 lots of the new edition of Game of Thrones card game from Fantasy Flight Games. It’s an LCG which means unlike Magic the Gathering you can still use all your cards years from now and the bigger difference is there’s no random booster packs. Each small or House expansion comes with a set list of all cards inside and the maximum amount if each card you can use.

    - Lot #1: 
    2 core sets of Game of Thrones living card game 2.0
    The following 3 expansions (Taking the Black, Road to Winterfell, King’s Peace)
    2 resin house cards (Lannister and Greyjoy)
    All totaled aprox 240$ Canadian + taxes;
    Asking 100$ 80$  70$

    - Lot#2:
    1 sealed in box core set of Game of Thrones living card game 2.0
    Retails new 55$ + taxes;
    Asking 30$

    Lots #1 & 2: asking
    100$  85$

  • Star Wars Armada:
    Would like to sell my Imperial collection (No Rebels) of Star Wars Armada miniature/board game from Fantasy Flight Games. I know of a friend in town that also has a used Rebels collection for probable sale.

    -  Star Wars Armada Core set (Imperial only; 1 Victory Class Star Destroyer and no Corellian Corvette or Nebulon B)
    - Extra set of Dice
    - Gladiator-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack
    - Victory Class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack
    - Imperial Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack
    - Imperial-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack
    - Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack (Imperial Only)
    - A couple limited release tournament “extras”.

    All totaled approx 275$ Canadian + taxes;
    Asking  125$  100$   85$


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