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Asking 325$ for the entire lot, amazing deal for anyone looking to get into Dark Eldar or just expand their current colletion.

Army is ready to play - over 2000 points. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot play space elves.

1x Voidraven Bomber (Painted)
1x Razorwing Jetfighter (Painted)
1x Talos (primed)
5x Scourges (painted)
5x Incubi (painted)
5x Mandakes (bare finecast)
10x Witches (painted)
10x Kab Warriors (painted)
1x Succubus (painted)
1x Archon (painted)
1x Beastmaster (bare)
4x Khymerae
5x Hellions
1x Ravager (painted)
2x Raiders (painted)
2x Venoms (painted)

Would consider trades as well.


retail: 829.985 after taxes

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