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Homefront: Malifaux worldwide campaign

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What is Homefront?

Homefront is a worldwide Malifaux campaign that allows players all over the world to get involved in the Malifaux universe. Players can submit the results of their games to influence the growth and direction of the vibrant world of Malifaux.


At the end of Homefront, the Faction with the most Scheme Points will be the Faction awarded next year's Nightmare Box, which may be a Crew, a collection of models, or an individual model. They will also, of course, have the bragging rights that come from winning a hard-fought campaign.

In addition to this, the syndicate with the most Strategy Points will rise to power and become the first universal syndicate* for The Other Side. If both syndicates are tied at the end of the campaign, the syndicate that received the most votes (over the course of the entire campaign) will be the winner.

Block/Round 1

October 2nd to October 15th.

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2 hours ago, GreyKnight said:

dam you Durek everytime is see these post i start thinking about starting you need to stop lol

Sorry lol

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