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WTS Ghouls & Skeletons

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I want to get ride of my older Vampire count army I was beginning.
I have the following lot to go in one shot. Geoff not sure your forum name however if someone could tag him as Brandon said you might be interested in this specifically?

1 GW metal Banshee

36 Ghouls (all magnatised square bases) [ 26 painted] 7 OOP metal GW Ghouls, 14 plastic GW Ghouls, and 15 GW Gnoblars which make excellent Ghoulies (ghoul kids lol)

30 Mantic Skeletons with spears, shields or hand weapons  [10 unassembled] (primed black) in my opinion superior to GW as they have more detail and don’t break as much. Their scale is more realistic as a skeleton should be smaller than the human it comes from 😉 also comes with decals.

I also have 3 Mantic troop boxes which act as troop storage or what have you. They resemble old VHS tape boxes lol.

Asking 70$ 50$


Skeleton n Shee.jpg

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