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Malifaux Story Encounter League

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Story Encounter League

This league will begin the week of Friday, September 29th and end Thursday, November 23rd. It will be 4 rounds each round lasting 2 weeks in hopes to avoid the scheduling conflicts from the Beginner League.

Entry fee will be 10$ and will go towards prize support with a current max of 8 players.

Participants will be assigned one opponent each round of the league and they will be responsible to schedule their game with their assigned opponent during that round to be preferably played at the Games Nook (1855 Lassale Blvd).
The winner will report results (VP score) to myself via email or Private Message. If the players aren’t able to schedule a game during that time please speak with myself for solutions.

*In addition to the 1 assigned game per round, each player may schedule 1 extra game per round with a league player of their choice (including myself, although I will not participate in the regular pairings if we have an even number of players) that will count towards league standings and tickets.
They may only play an extra game with each player once (in addition to assigned games) during the League. That being said play lots of Malifaux; although those extra extra games won’t count towards the League. :)


Each game in this Story Encounter League will be played using the Story Encounters from the Main book (or any other 2.0 printed book if both players agree). 
Each player will choose a Master before the league begins and will be restricted to that Master for the entire league, though their crew may be chosen as normal each game.
All games will be full 50 Soulstone games, so please be courteous to your opponent and arrive at the agreed upon time and ready to play.

- Winners of each game will have their names entered into the draw for one ticket.

- Each player, will have the opportunity to have their names entered into the draw for one ticket by completing one or both of the 2 painting challenges. For the miniatures to qualify they must be Wyrd or acceptable conversion as per Wyrd’s policy and previously unpainted as of Sep 22nd 2017.

- Each player may have their names entered into the draw for one ticket if they purchase a Wyrd product from a local store (simple proof of purchase must be provided to myself) of 20$ or more before taxes. Maximum 2 times.

- Each player will have their names entered into the draw once for each 2 games they play.

Each player may only win one draw prize; all draws will be made after the league on November 24th.

Prizes include:

·         Each player will receive one Participation Guilder (Poker Chip & special redemption currency via Wyrd) https://www.wyrd-games.net/guilders/

·         2 Draws of Wyrd’s Small Mystery Boxes (a random special edition figure)

·         Possibility of more


#1 Friday September 29th to Thursday October 12th
#2 Friday October 13th to Thursday October 26th
#3 Friday October 27th to Thursday November 9th
#4 Friday November 10th to Thursday November 23rd 


Painting Challenges:


#1 Paint 4 models to completion*
#2 Paint a further 4 models to completion*


*to completion = 3 colour minimum (with exception made by organiser if contacted) with completed bases (painted/sanded/flocked…). Large models may count as 2.

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