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Have Terrain! Want Terrain!

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Hey guys as you have seen, we are taking a stock of terrain we have and trying to finish some tables. We have a bunch of extra stuff we would be willing to trade for terrain we need to finish our tables.


- 1 Large Pegasus Gothic Ruin

- GW 40k Terrain

- Other terrain that would work and fill a need listed on my hobby thread

- Cash if the offer is right


8x MDF Modular Infinity Buildings (have a bunch of extra peices for the ones on the left)


3x3 Space Mat (mouse pad from GameMat.eu)


6x4 Kingdom of Heaven Mat (mouse pad from Gamemat.eu)


New in Box Bad Lands Terrain Set (resin, prepainted GameMat.eu)




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7 hours ago, Taylor said:

Who makes that mdf terrain - is it warmill?

Systema for the stuff on the left, I can't remember for the stuff on the right.

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