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Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

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StreetPizza    16

What: 75pts - Warmachine/Hordes Tournament

When: October 14th with a 10am start time

Where: Games Nook, Sudbury Ontario

How Much: 15$ entry fee

Its time again for some fast paced Iron Kingdom tournament action.  Last year North Bay Dave held the first King Beyond the Wall tournament event in North Bay and a Sudbury native Tyrone Lockhart took home the crown.  So this year the event is moving to Sudbury where players will battle it out for the title of Kind Beyond the Wall and the civic pride of their local meta for the coming year.

This is our premier event of the tournament season in the North so we'll be looking to up the prize support a bit and are asking a 15$ entry fee to help support that effort.  I'll be announcing what the prizes will be once I have a better idea of expected attendance numbers.  One thing is for certain, Doug has a set of the old Steamroller trophies on hand so as long as we have 8 players or more we'll be handing those out to first second and third places.  

Image result for steam roller trophy

If we have an even number then the TO (David D.) will be participating to avoid handing out a buy round.

If you're intending to participate then leave a comment below with the faction you'll be representing and lets get this party going!

  1. Tyrone Lockhart - Legion (Defending King!)
  2. Josh Lavigne - Skorne
  3. David Poliquin - Ret/Minions
  4. Quinn Perry - Cygnar
  5. Rob Emerson - Cryx
  6. .
  7. .
  8. .
  9. Mat Dussiaume - Retribution
  10. .
  11. Bubba Dalton - Khador (giant maybe to defend his King in the North title for pride)
  12. David Dussiaume - Protectorate (T.O.)
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Xeurian    16
56 minutes ago, wolf9416 said:

*insert clever comment about me attending here*

The Retribution of Scyrah will be mobilizing two contingents of their highly trained forces to take on any threat!


I also require my entry to be placed at position ⑨.

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StreetPizza    16

Fine ... so you'll be playing minions then :CoolDance:

Is Lyl3 still that good into what people will be playing?  With all the changes surrounding themes I thought she's fallen out of favour.   

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Polipotent    5

Quinn and I for sure are in.  Quinn will be playing Cygnar, I am undecided.  Either Minions or Ret, I am in the process of building two minion lists between now and the OTC and I could borrow from Nathan but he doesn't have two lessers I would need and I don't know if I would get them in time for the tourney.  We will see.  

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