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TACOS 2.0 - Pre-Order Sign Up

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The Day has Finally Arrived. 

The Alternate Card-Based Objective System (TACOS) was developed by our Infinity Gaming Community at GCC in October 2015. Now, two years of extensive playtesting, not only locally, but abroad has garnered enough feedback to develop a new and better version of TACOS, hopefully for years to come without any changes. 

In October 2017, TACOS 2.0 will be available. This version will feature key changes, such as new deployment rules, the ability to score objective points on your reactive turn, and new objectives! One major new feature is a complete redesign by local Infinity Player Jim Grey - with original artwork by Michal Bernat!


The cards will look like this! 


These cards will also feature original boxed art for you to keep your cards in. 

The order hasn't been made yet, but it will be done by the end of September, and the cards will be available for pick up mid-October. It will cost roughly $20/box. I will be ordering a few extra copies to have, but if you want to guarantee yourself a set of these new cards, you will need to let me know prior to myself making the final order. 

If you are interested, let me know as I will be compiling a spreadsheet. 



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Right on - so with you, Pete, and a bunch of sets being bought by the Ottawa infinity crew - we are going to get our first price reduction. :)

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