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Kevin's Sale Thread - Updated 2017/11/15

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Hey guys, once again I am back with another large lot of minis! Prices are in Canadian, payment via PayPal or EMT (in Canada only). I will ship anywhere in the world at the buyers expense. Please let me know if you have any questions, I do not want to split lots up (unless noted otherwise), also prices are mostly firm but feel free to offer.

Pictures of Everything Except the Wolves: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JuXcu2Zd23RwfUex1

Warhammer 40k:

Misc Pro Painted:
1x Forge World Nathanael Garro (magnetized to display base) - $100
1x OOP Armorcast Shadowsword - $200

Space Wolf Army:
Pictures of the Wolves: https://goo.gl/photos/C94gvBcrFM8MbWXR6
All models are based barring 2 I believe. Some have snow (mostly the wolf section). Tonnes of third party bits used (kromlech, mr. dandy) but not included in the retail calculation, which is another $500 or so worth of value. Models are either painted to a decent tabletop top, or an above table top standard. This army will either be sold for the asking price, or I am willing to break up any units you want for 70% retail.

Wolf Section: 
25x Fenresian Wolves 
8x Cyber Wolves (3 legit, 5 fenresian conversions) 
5x Iron Priest on Thunder Wolves (2 are the new ones magnetized to be walking or on wolf, 3 are conversions) 
1x Herald Deathwolf 
1x Cannis Wolfborn 
2x Thunder Wolf Lords (conversions) 
21x Thunder Wolves (all with storm shields) 
9x Bolt Pistols 
4x Thunder Hammer 
3x Power Fist 
5x Lightning Claw 
1x Logan Grimnar on Chariot 
Infantry Section: 
16x Terminators 
6x Thunder Hammer/ Strom Shield 
5x Power Fist/Storm Bolter 
5x Completely Magnetized with All Options 
10x Bikes (1 melta, 1 power fist, 1 power sword) 
1x MM Attack Bike 
5x Wolf Guard w/ Combi Meltas 
27x Long Fangs 
5x Las Cannon 
5x Plasma Cannon 
1x Multi-Melta 
5x Heavy Bolters 
11x Missile Launchers 
5x 6th Edition Mark of Wulfen (conversion models) 
40x Grey Hunters/Blood Claws 
6x Melta 
3x Plasma 
2x Flamer 
8x Bolter 
9x Power Fist 
12x Sergeants with various loadouts 
2x Servitors 
10x Wolf Scouts (oop SW specific scout models) 
20x Wulfen (5x all weapon options) 

Character Section: 
2x Ulric the Slayer (1 old, 1 new) 
1x Deathwatch Kill Team Cassius SW Character 
1x 30th Edition Marine 
Both Njals 
1x Wolf Priest 
1x Krom Dragonmaze 
1x OOP Logan Grimnar 
1x Arjac Rockfist 
1x Terminator Wolf Preinst 
1x Lukas the Trickster 
4x Custom Runepriest on Bike 
2x Predators 
1x Vindicator 
1x Whirlwind 
2x Razorback/Rhinos 
3x Drop Pods 
1x Murder Fang 
1x Bjorn the Fellhanded 
1x Venerable Dreadnought w/ Axe and Shield 
1x FW Contemptor w/ Autocannons 
1x FW Venerable w/ Plasma Cannon and Claw 
3x Landspeeders (one is a rouge trade metal one) 
1x Aegis Defense Line 
2x Stormwolf 
1x Stormfang 
1x Land Raider Crusader 
Retail: $4150+
Asking Price: $2000

Chaos Space Marines:
This army is in need of some repairs, lots of model are just thrown in and not included in the retail calculation.
2x Helldrakes
2x Rhinos
1x Razorback (no pieces glued to options)
30x Cultists (10 DV, 20 converted from beatsmen)
10+ Chaos Marines
3x Exalted Sorcerers (1 on disk)
1x DV Hellbrute
1x Fabius Bile (On sprue)
1x Terminator Lord (partially built, mostly on sprue)
1x OOP Kharn (metal, decently painted)
9x OOP Metal Obliterators (valued at $10 retail each)
Total Retail: $700+
Asking Price: $300

Death Guard:
This army is mostly just primed, a couple of the plague marines are started to be converted.
39x Starter Pox Walkers
2x Starter Death Guard Dice Sets
2x Starter Foetid Bloat-Drones
9x Starter Plague Marines
10+ OOP Plague Bearers
1x Malignant Plaguecasters
Total Retail: $250+
Asking Price: $100

This army is mostly bare. Each chariot will only have one person on the chariot though.
20x Bloodletters (nos)
10x Daemonettes
2x Daemon Princes
5x Seekers
2x Seeker Chariots
1x Exalted Seeker Chariot
A bunch of extras thrown in.
Retail: $400+
Asking Price: $175

Age of Sigmar

This army is mostly bare/NIB, a couple of the inftray are painted, and the ships are in sub assembly for painting. This is the whole codex worth. It has every unit available.
1x Arkanaut Ironclad (NIB)
2x Arkanaut Frigate
1x Grundstok Gunhauler
2x Arkanaut Company
1x Endringgers (NiB)
1x Aether-Khemist (NiB)
1x Endrinmaster (NiB)
1x Brokk Grungsson
2x Box of Thunderers
2x Box of Arkanaut Company
2x Admiral
1x Aetheric Navigator
1x Battletome
1x Warscroll Cards and Tokens
Retail: $950
Asking Price: $500

Beastclaw Raiders:
This army is decently painted, a couple bits are broken off, replacement parts will be included. 
2x Stonehorns
2x Thundetusks
12x Mournfang (3 sets of command)
4x Sabretusks
6x Gore Grunts (for the beast hammer formation)
Retail: $775+
Asking Price: $450

Most of this army is very well painted to a same scheme. The army has yet to be fully based.
3x Yhetti (unpainted)
6x Sabretusks (unpainted)
1x Icebow Hunter (unpainted)
2x Iron Blaster
1x Scrap Launcher (unpainted)
14x Bulls (5 unpainted)
8x Ironguts
8x Leadbelchers
1x Tyrant
1x Butcher
Retail: $750+
Asking Price: $400
Asking Price with Beastclaw Lot: $800

This army is either bare or unpainted, on squares still. Comes with tonnes of bits probably enough to finish the squads.
18x Hammerers
20x Thunderers
18x Warriors
2x Cannons w/ Crew
1x Organ Gun w/ Crew
1x Rock Thrower w/ Crew
1x BSB
1x Cogsmith
1x Runelord
1x Lord of Bear (awesome model from scibor)
Retail: $465
Asking Price: $225

This army is really well painted, and based nicely. The pictured display board can be included for an additional $20, this will also raise the price of shipping.
6x Gore-gruntas
10x Brutes
10x Ardboy
1x Megaboss
1x Weirdnob Shaman
1x Warchanter
1x Mawcrusher (nos)
1x Battletome
1x Dice Set
Retail: $650+
Asking Price: $400

OOP Sylvaneth:
These guys are really well painted and based. Minor chipping evident, all metal models.
2x OOP Treeman
9x OOP Treekin
Retail: ???
Asking Price: $100

Wood Elf/Wanderers Army:
This army is all PRO PAINTED, you might never see a better looking old school Wood Elf army. Every model has been painted and based to a very high standard, custom green stuff work done throughout. Lots of free hands including tattoos and flowers. The bases really stick out as a woodland theme. Don’t miss out on this army! So many old school/limited edition models, sad to see it go. Please note since many of the models are metal there is some minor chipping throughout.
1x Sisters of Twilight on a Forest Dragon
1x Orion with Hounds
3x Spellweavers 
2x Waystriders (1 converted with 40k bolter as a joke)
1x Waywatcher Lord
1x Wardancer Lord
1x Long OOP Hawk Controller
1x Limited Edition BSB
2x Repeater Bolt Thrower (converted/painted to look Wood elf, no crew as I used eternal guard)
2x Eagles (from the hobbit, magnetized to base)
5x New Wild Riders
17x OOP Wilder Riders (these might be the best painted in the army)
24x Glade Riders
9x Way Watchers
10x Wardancers (2 or limited edition sculpts)
13x OOP Eternal Guard (custom sculpted roses on cloaks)
52x Glade Guard (32 of one scheme, 20 of another)
Retail base off GW and eBay: $1400+
Asking Price: $1200

Unpainted Wanderers:
This army is mostly in bits, all pieces are clipped of spures and in baggies.
15x Wild Riders/Sisters of the Thorn
10x Wildwood Rangers/Eternal Guard
20x Glade Guard (16 built, rest in pieces)
1x Spellweaver (staff need to be repaired)
1x OOP Wardancer Lord
5x OOP Wardancers
3x OOP Waywatchers
A bunch of extra stuff is also thrown in not included in retail.
Retail: $330
Asking Price: $150

This army is completely painted, and completely OOP. Most recent sales on eBay put the value of this army at over $2200. Each Knight is painted in a different household, no two knights are the same. The paint job is a really nice table top. Please note there is some chipping on the metal models. Any models not on circles will be on circles before shipping, add $100 to the price if you want me to finish the basing to match the ones already done.
11x Pegasus Knights (magnetized to bases)
2x Trebuchet (1 crew man missing, metal)
3x Paladins/Lords on Horses (metal riders)
36x Knight Errants/of the Realm (3 of each command)
12x Grail Knights (metal)
12x Questing Knights (metal)
10x Peasant Bowmen (5 are missing the bottom half of bows)
70x Men-At-Arms
1x BSB on Foot
1x Mounted BSB
3x Damsel/Prophetess on Foot
2x Mounted Damsel/Prophetess
1x The Fay Enchantress (metal)
1x King Louen Leoncoeur (metal)
Retail based off eBay: $2200+
Price: $1150 or $1250 based

This army is mostly just built, please note some model might be missing a tail, and will need some cleaning up.
1x Warp Lightning Cannon (magnetized for both options)
1x Plague Furnace (magnetized for both option)
1x Skaven Dice Tin (unopened)
20x Plague Monks
20x Clanrats (non IoB)
100+ Clanrtas (IoB)
3x Poisoned Wind Mortar (IoB)
3x Warpfire Thrower (IoB)
3x Engineers (ioB)
3x Skaven Warlord (IoB)
Retail: $400+
Asking Price: $125

Warrior of Chaos:
This army is in need of some TLC, although much if it is really well painted.
2x Chariots (1 of each type)
60+ Chaos Warriors
1x Mounted Lord (oop, sick model)
1x On foot Lord (finecast)
5x Chaos Knights
Retail: $400+
Asking Price: $120

This army is in need of some TLC and possible a strip of the paint.
1x Slann (metal)
20x Saurus Guard
20x Saurus Warriors
8x Saurus Knights
1x Engine of the God
1x OOP Terradon (metal, have crew, valued at $10)
5x OOP Ripperdactyls (metal, valued at $10)
1x Old Blood on Foot (metal)
Retail: $350+
Asking Price: $120


Khador Army #1:
This army is decent painted to a nice khador scheme.
1 Beast-09
1 Behemoth
1 Black Ivan
1 Destroyer
2 Juggernaut
1 Drago
1 Ruin
1 Conquest
1 Great Bears
1 Greylord Ternion
1 Man-O-War Drakhun Dragoon
1 The Butcher of Khardov
1 Kommander Sorscha
Retail: $650 USD
Asking Price: $350 CAD

Khador Army #2:
This army is truly pro painted and based. All metal on the army is NMM, battle damage and the like. It is truly a pro painted army. Please note there is minor chipping on some of the metal models.
1 Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff
1 Karchev the Terrible
1 Koldun Kommander Zerkova
1 Kommandant Irusk
1 Kommander Harkevich
1 Old Witch of Khador & Scrapjack
1 Berserker
1 Decimator
1 Demolisher
1 Kodiak
1 Spriggan
1 Destroyer
1 Juggernaut
1 Battle Mechaniks Unit (min)
1 Greylord Ternion Unit
1 Iron Fang Pikemen Unit (min)
1 Iron Fang Pikemen Officer & Standard Bearer
1 Kayazy Assassin Underboss
1 Kayazy Assassins Unit
1 Kayazy Eliminators
1 Man-O-War Bombardiers Unit
1 Man-O-War Shocktroopers Unit
1 Widowmakers Unit
1 Koldun Lord
2 Manhunter
1 Widowmaker Marksman
Retail: $700 USD
Asking Price: $500 CAD

This army is bare or just primed. Some pieces have become unglued but all pieces will be included, except where noted.
Adeptis Rahn 
Dawnlord Vyros 
Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper 
Ravyn, Eternal Light 
2x Arcanist 
2x Ghost Sniper 
Mage Hunter Assassin 
House Shyeel Magister 
House Shyeel Artificer
Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen 
Heavy Rifle Team - Missing 1 backpack bit $1.00 U.S online store. 
House Shyeel Battle Mages 
Houseguard Halberdier Officer and Standard Bearer 
Houseguard Halberdiers 
Houseguard Riflemen Officer & Standard Bearer 
Houseguard Riflemen 
Mage Hunter Commander 
Mage Hunter Strike Force 
Mage Hunter Infiltrators - Missing 1 sword bit $1.25 U.S online store. 
Stormfall Archers 
Retribution Patch 
Retribution Token Set 
Retribution Template Set 
Retribution Card Deck 
Retribution Dice 
New MK3 Retribution Starter Box: (Minus the mini rule book)
Retail: $800+ USD
Asking Price: $350 CAD

Misc Items:

House Lannister Lot:
This is for AEG’s Games of Throne LCG.
2x Playmats (1x Lannister, 1x 2015 Champion)
3x Token Sets (all custom ordered)
1x Resin Lannister Token
1x Custom Lannister Magnetic Deck Box (leather)
Retail: $200+
Asking Price: $75

Edited by Kevin

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45 minutes ago, Kevin said:


Figured... Too poor lol...good luck man. 

Edited by Rashius

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1 hour ago, Feluca said:

If that Moria box is complete I'll take the LOTR stuff.

It is complete minus one of the terrain pillars.

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2 hours ago, Feluca said:

Drop Pod and Rhino por favor.

Both sold. I am sorry :(.

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Man.. you have some really nicely painted armies in there. Are those painters local? They look great.

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