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Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

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@Taylor Thanks man, but I know where to look to find every flaw, every discolouration. The artist's curse.

Tonight I got the first 3 of my 10 Stalker Bolt Rifle Intercessors done up, and it turns out, that not only am I not great at painting lightning bolts, I accidentally chose 3 Chapters that feature lightning bolts in some way. So everything up to the shoulder pads was standard fare, except the head, which I tried going paler than usual, but results were sub optimal and I reworked it slightly. That guy was inspired a bit by Scarface's Tony Montana in the "Say hello to my little friend!" scene, mostly in the pose. So after about 2 hours on the pads in which I was sweaty with concentration after finishing the Fulminators pad (I hate wings.) got them based and now I'm going to get 2 more done to get a regulation squad and then set about finishing the other 5.


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Took a little longer than expected. Got my 2 latest Deathwatch Intercessors done and I finally finished a shoulder pad that pleases me fully. Chapters represented this time are the Jade Dragons and Void Tridents, a new Primaris-only Chapter. My plan had been to go about finishing the other 5, but I kinda wanna cap off the year with something a little more special than line troopers and go and tackle Sammael, Grandmaster of the Ravenwing, it might not take me all the way to New Years, but it'll be a fun little thing to finish the year off, plus, new Dark Angels codex is coming in soon, so wanna have options, y'know? After which I'll finish off the Deathwatch Intercessors and probably cap off that phase by doing Captain Artemis. 

Anyway, you didn't come here for my yammering, you came here for pics, ét voila!

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@Taylor I do but I don't have the room and/or ventilation to do any airbrushing, but it's not always a style I care for.

So it turns out that Sammael didn't take nearly as long as expected, I mean it really helps when you have a wide open weekend, but I thought the detail was gonna take a lot longer, but it didn't and now he's done! Really pleased to get this fella done before the new Codex drops so I can take him and his jetbike out for a spin later on. Flying stand is magnetized for easy transportation. 

Plan now is to jump back to Deathwatch to round off that Phase by finishing my last 5 Intercessors then Artemis. With those done it should be 2018 and I'll have to start a new set of Phases for that year. And for that year, I am thinking, that being the key word there, of doing something rather dramatic. Something rather, titanic you could say.

Anyway, here's the Grandmaster of the Ravenwing, Sammael.

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On 12/12/2017 at 9:01 AM, Dasjuice said:

Looking good Ian!

I should start painting some Dark Angels of mine as well seeing as release is this Saturday.



spoiler alert, the Lion isn't in the book

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