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Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

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@Taylor Thanks man, but I know where to look to find every flaw, every discolouration. The artist's curse.

Tonight I got the first 3 of my 10 Stalker Bolt Rifle Intercessors done up, and it turns out, that not only am I not great at painting lightning bolts, I accidentally chose 3 Chapters that feature lightning bolts in some way. So everything up to the shoulder pads was standard fare, except the head, which I tried going paler than usual, but results were sub optimal and I reworked it slightly. That guy was inspired a bit by Scarface's Tony Montana in the "Say hello to my little friend!" scene, mostly in the pose. So after about 2 hours on the pads in which I was sweaty with concentration after finishing the Fulminators pad (I hate wings.) got them based and now I'm going to get 2 more done to get a regulation squad and then set about finishing the other 5.


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