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Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

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Hi all, this thread is a repository for all my finished painting projects that I do mostly for my Dark Angels and Mechanicum armies, but I am now starting to branch out into new Imperium based factions.

Thankfully, now that Darkshard has a dedicated photo uploader I don't have to rely on Imgur or copying Facebook links that started disappearing in the latter days of my previous thread, I can get back to posting here.

I'll post a summary of my latest dive into Deathwatch, I started these in late January and have already finished one squad of Veterans and the Watch Master. I've been working on improving my freehand skills with these Marines and have decided to do a deep dive into later founding Chapters instead of using the pre-moulded shoulder pads to do nothing but First Founding Chapters. (That said, I will avail of them when the icons line up.) Thus far, I've covered 10 Chapters including Marines Malevolent, Scythes of the Emperor, Eagle Warriors and Metamarines among others.

The overall plan is to make this a small strike force to complement my Dark Angels force.

I'm currently working on 5 Vanguard Veterans next to the force and something fun after that.








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2 hours ago, hazard30 said:

YAY! we can start over with seeing all your awesome stuff

You better believe it! Loving this new photo uploader!

Just, just, just, finished my first two Vanguard Veterans!

I went with the Marauders and Rainbow Warriors Chapters for these two. I wanted the Watch Sergeant to have a melee oriented background, and since a main objective of my Deathwatch force is to give representation to newer founding Chapters I went for the White Scars derived Marauders Chapter. I also chose the Rainbow Warriors because they've not been fleshed out at all, and I wanted to give them some representation in an avenue that doesn't make them seem like a punchline.

Next up is another pair of TH/SS Vanguard Vets, then a final solo Vanguard Vet before I move onto my most anticipated project.






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Rainbow Warriors, man that's awesome!  I think the last (and only) time that chapter was mentioned was WAAAAYYY back in Rogue Trader days wasn't it?  Your Deathwatch look awesome by the way :D

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Thanks man! I'm putting a lot of what I've learned over a couple years into these guys.

Finished Vanguard Veterans 3 & 4 today. As you can tell, this squad is gonna be quite expensive, 4 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields and a Heavy Thunder Hammer. I'm usually going to run these guys as a Dominatus Kill Team, to fight against Elites. The Chapters represented are the Raven Guard and Vorpal Swords. I chose Raven Guard because I'm going to at least include one First Founding Chapter, and with jump packs being present, it was obvious. A little too obvious... And then Vorpal Swords... because it's fun to say.

Next up is the final Vanguard Vet, and after that, something fun.







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I finished my last Vanguard Veteran and thus my Vanguard Veteran squad!

The Chapter represented is the Sons of Orar, an Ultramarine (Of course) successor Chapter, and one that actually has a really great moment in the last Night Lords novel in the trilogy, Void Stalker, where the Sons of Orar board the Night Lords ship and engage in a vicious battle. ("Oh great, at least we'll die to a freaking hero." - I'm paraphrasing, been a while since I read it.)

I'm coming to the end of my first wave of Deathwatch (Gotta get back to my Mechanicum.) and you might be asking yourself: "What exactly was he teasing in the last couple posts?" (Kidding, I'm almost certain none of you asked yourselves that.) Well, the Teacher from the Pink Floyd song Another Brick in the Wall states that you can't have any pudding until you've eaten your meat. It's time for pudding. (Scroll to the bottom.)










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Put the finishing touches on my Deathwatch Leviathan Dreadnought today and finished the first wave of my Deathwatch force.

Venerable-Brother Anekelea of the Emperor's Spears Chapter unwittingly springs a Genestealer Cult trap as he knocks aside a banner fitted with a motion tracker, unfortunately for the Genestealer Cult, their opponent will be more than a handful.

Very pleased with this model, because it just looks fantastic on its own. Also gave me a shot to practice some stencil work, and I mean that in the loose sense, as I made the stencils out of masking tape and post-it notes. I really wanted to give this model a sense of narrative, and since my buddy plays Tyranids, I found out how he paints his 'Nids and he made a Genestealer Cult devoted to his Hive Fleet, the Cult of the Golden Gun. With a little inspiration while at Games & Hobbies, I decided to incorporate the standard from an Acolyte Iconward and a couple Hybrid Acolyte arms and decided to make it into a little scene where the Dreadnought springs a trap laid by the Genestealer Cult, whom I imagine were trying to snare smaller prey.

I'm switching gears (No pun intended) and going back to Mechanicum as I have a rendezvous at Miniwargaming in April and a rematch against Josh of Mechanicum Vs. Mechanicum, which is gonna be different this time I swear it. So with a month to go, I'm shooting to get 2 Domitars done and if time permits, a Vultarax. If time is tight, I'm not sure what I'll do, perhaps another Castellax I'm thinking.














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2 hours ago, Taylor said:

Are those designs transfers or freehand?

To do those, I used a piece of masking take to find the dimensions of the space I had to work with, after marking that out, I would make a bunch of large designs to figure out what I wanted. When I figured those out, I used the masking tape to mark out the dimensions on a post-it note, and drew the design inside those dimensions. Then I'd put another piece of masking tape over the smaller design and use my x-acto knife to cut the design into the masking tape. From there I'd just paint on the bulk of the design and then just fix and adjust whatever I needed to by freehand.

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First of the two Domitar's are done!

Not a whole lot to say at the moment, other than I kinda goofed the foot placement and it's skewed to the left more than I would like. It cured so quickly that I didn't want to break it to re-pose it, so I just left it. Annoying but not the end of the world.

Second Domitar up next with 3 weeks to go, I'll have it done no problem, question is how much time will I have to tackle something else. Let's find out.






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@Taylor, thanks man I freakin' love these models.

I finished my third Domitar tonight and I honestly am at the point where I love these models. I think the only thing that annoys me is the repetitive painting that I have to do for the power cables, everything else is great! I might get 2 more and go for the super stupid/awesome squad of 5. But these guys now make a beautiful possee for my Magos-Domina, so move over Castellax.

Right now, I don't have a whole lot of time left to do stuff for my MWG trip, so I'm thinking that I'll probably do a Myrmidon Destructor with a Conversion Beamer to bring those guys up to 4 out of a possible 10. Also because 4 S10, AP2 (From range 48"-72") is just great. Might do something else, but I think the Myrmidon is the way to go. I'll sleep on it.






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@Taylor, thanks much!

Finished up the Myrmidon for MWG on Monday, this time, victory will be mine! (Or not, that's always an option with me.)

I'm gonna run these guys with my Arch-Magos who'll also be packing a Conversion Beamer and hurl S10 AP1 death from across the table. Should be fun.

I think I'll be running a pair of games of 30k, both against Josh and Steve and then possibly either an Altar of War or a Zone Mortalis game against Matt. I'm thinking the Altar of War will be the Dark Angels vs. Chaos scenario from Fall of Cadia, or Zone Mortalis will be Deathwatch vs. Xenos. I'll bring both and see what he thinks while we're down there. I'm gonna need a lot of boxes...

Anyway, when I get back, I think it'll be time to plonk down the Vultarax on the painting table.






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The Dark Angels and Mechanicum are on-going with no real fixed end-point. The Deathwatch are at the point where I intended them to be, but I've decided that I want to expand them just a little bit more, with probably another Veteran Squad, a Corvus Blackstar and a Drop Pod.

Current plans are:
- Mechanicum Wave 3 (Currently painting)
- Deathwing Wave 2
- Characters (Dark Angels special characters, Celestine, Cawl, Voldus, Inquisitors, Magos's, etc.) (May alternatively sprinkle these throughout projects)
- Ravenwing Wave 3
- Deathwatch Wave 2
- ??? (By this point 8th will have dropped and who knows where we'll be. Maybe Fortifications.)

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Got my Vultarax done today and I'm very pleased with this model. I love everything about it except how many pipes and cables there are on it. I hate pipes and cables, this army has made me hate them, but I can't change that now.

Plus a big base allows me to do fun little narrative bits, like this ragged Raven Guard legionary catching a lucky break only to get caught out and have to work out if the giant automata above him is friend or foe. Not that he can do much if it's a foe (Luckily it isn't.) that bolter is bone dry.

Taking a slight break on the Mechanicum now to work on Saint Celestine and the Geminae, as I want some up to date elements for when 8th drops and then I'll be back to Mechanicum as I'm not quite done with this wave yet. I think I'll get my Triaros done and a couple Castellax and then get to Deathwing. But the 8th ed. hype might make that change sooner, we'll see.










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Thanks Taylor!

The 8th Edition hype train brings three new arrivals in the form of Saint Celestine and the Geminae Superia! This project wracked my nerves as I was trying a few new things with this, not least of which was the metallic red armour using the Artificer Tint set and Vallejo's metallic medium. But with a few attempts and a couple tutorials here and there, I think it has all worked out quite well! I have to give a shoutout to Ash (Or Cyrogeddon) for his help airbrushing Celestines wings, an effect I couldn't achieve on my own.

Let the Indomitus Crusade begin. Traitors, Xenos, Daemons, pay heed to the coming of our army and the ruin I promise to your miserable kind. This galaxy, is ours!

But theatrics aside, the plan was to do more Mechanicum stuff now, but my new Custodes Dreadnought is giving me those 'Come hither and let us vanquish the foes of the Emperor' eyes...

Let's see what happens.







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