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Monolith improved

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Ed-war-d    3

The monolith gets 2 improvements.

Obviously getting a BS of 3+ is nice, and don't forget it doesn't suffer the -1 BS for moving.

The other "bonus"  is more complicated.

The exile portal only works against units within 1" so it doesn't give you over watch vs failed charges.

On the other hand, since it only targets models within 1" they can't choose to remove models from the back. Now if there is no model within 1" of the monolith, then the other models don't get to hit. After having Gene Stealers ate one monolith on me, I think this is awesome. My monolith would have survived another turn if the portal worked like this. I mean it took out like 5 gene stealers, don't think any would have been left within 1".

Still not sure if it's tournament worthy, but this is an awesome boost, and it is great for fun games.

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Yarium    25

I'm very glad that they're keeping things updated, with frequent FAQ's (just for folks not in the know, this thread is about the new FAQ found here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/07/23/updated-faqs-and-boots-on-the-groundgw-homepage-post-2/)

I am SHOCKED that they made Reanimation Protocols a little worse, as now your models that flee can't come back. Not that this was a frequent occurrence, but it just seemed an easier thing to me to treat fled models as slain.

I like their fix for Stormravens, because it's a fix that's hitting the tourney-crowd where ridiculousness shows up, and in the tourney-scene a small change can often go a big distance. With this change, you're still very strong (take a lone Astropath or something and just have him hide somewhere), but you become more vulnerable to other strategies like Trygons or things that seek and hunt you out.

Otherwise, mostly just cleaning things up. Glad to see that they appropriately changed Ruins to be "entirely within" rather than just "within" and that their new wording makes it super-clear that non-infantry units have to be both in and obscured by the terrain to benefit from it. Still hoping that a future FAQ brings back obscurement or something like that, but for now the clarity is more important than anything.

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