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Thanks guys!

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Deademperor    16

hey guys

i wanted to say thanks for you hosting the auction. The new venue and format works fantastic. 

I didn't know how long I was able to commit,having my kids there... Being able to add my phone number and address made things much easier without me missing out.


sorry I did not partake in the Barbecue, but with all of the food allergies between the kids, it wasn't worth counting on, so I brought food with me


But anyway, thanks for all the hard work and effort guys, it's appreciated

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Rashius    2

Ditto. Thank you so much guys. My bro, the kids and I thought it was great. (Play equipment adjacent was great for them) and the bbq was good. Next year hopefully I can stay the whole time if it doesn't fall between nightshifts lol

Congratulations to darkshard and already looking forward to next year. 

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Taylor    89

Well, OJ deserves the credit this year. He did an awesome job. 

Next year we are looking at possibly turning it into a tournament. Stay tuned!

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