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North Bay Charity Tournament

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Irvin and I are additionally not going to be in attendance. I had to choose between this and the Nook tourney. The Nook tourney won because of the better format (IMO).

But I am fine to throw a couple bucks towards to cause, is there a way we can do this without being in attendance?

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8 hours ago, Justicebeaver said:

Guess I'll be able to see which one works best as I'm going to both tournaments :CoolDance:

I really wish I could! It's just with school I only work Saturdays and can only afford to book one off, like I said I am still happy to donate to the cause.

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It was an amazing day yesterday with a total of 18 players coming in from all corners of the north. We had  players from Ottawa, Pet., Sudbury, Sturgeon and obviously North Bay.  After 4 rounds of hard fought battles the top spot went to an Ultramarines army with Bobby G leading form the front, second went to an amazingoly well done Ork army with the core being 2 Gorkas and 1 Morka, and round out the top 3 was Tyranids with their slicing and dicing genestealers taking on all comers. There was a huge variety of armies but I want to say it was nice to see more Xenos armies out and about. When all was said and done we raised over 1100$ for the North Bay Hospice making us the largest charity event to date for the Hospice out side of Corporate donations.  

Also, in addition to the top 3, there was a 4x4 gaming table to storage underneath which went to Darkshards resident Dark Angles player Ian. Along with that there were a couple of additional give aways of dice rolling stands.








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