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Some interesting details....




Details include:

-Objective based scenarios including attacker/defender options

-Leader Card options for your Company Leader that grant global bonuses

-"Command Cards" that let you affect the game play in different ways (granting models tough, roll boosting ect...)

-List selection choices will modify the amount of Command Cards available (+1 card, -1 card, no change, ect...)

-Models reduced to 0 HP are only sometimes killed, based on an injury table

-Any new Warmachine/Hordes releases compatible with Company of Iron (not large base or larger, ect...) will be supported and any special rules associated to them will be included in NQPrime magazine alongside the general release information of the model.

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2 hours ago, Polipotent said:

I am also super excited about Company of Iron.  I think I may have to get an NQ subscription too.


I was thinking the same thing NQ Prime seems pretty awesome.

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