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Next Steps: DS BBQ and Auction

More details for decisions  

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  1. 1. What Day?

    • Saturday July 15th
    • Sunday July 16th
  2. 2. Auction style or Yard sale style?

    • Auction
    • Yardsale
  3. 3. Location

    • Delk Dozzi - Gatchell
    • James Girard - Lilly Creek
    • Twin Forks - New Sudbury

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Ok Guys, 

So we have identified the weekend that we will be running the auction. We have a couple more questions to ask about which day (Saturday or Sunday)  The style of sale we want (Auction or Yard Sale) and Location (Options listed in poll)

If you could please vote on these and we will make a final decision on them and have a formal invitation out to you all by the end of next week.

I have allowed for multiple selections in this poll so please select all that are suitable to you.

Many thanks.



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Just to clarify, auction style is how it has always been done - where as the yard sale concept would be where you have a small booth and can showcase what you're selling all day - and there is no limited time frame to move your goods. 

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