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Immortan Drumpf

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Kev White has long been an admired talent for me. His way with sculpting, posing, and proportions has always been masterful to me. Just saw one of his latest creations, a bit of Fury Road-inspired political satire. A real gem IMO!


15 years after Drumpf became the leader of the Free World, the planet is in a catastrophic state. The oceans have run dry, the air is toxic, the bees have died and we have run out of spray tan.

Maintaining leadership via the remarkably simple process of ignoring reality, the Tangerine Titan continues to hold power and in fact has seemingly grown younger, hairier and more orange than ever.

http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?product=immortan-drumpf~hfa191&category=sci%2dfi-%26 weird-war~sci%2dfi-humans

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Tim, awesome find

taylor, thanks so much for sharing that disturbing image with the class. Skillfully completed though

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