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New Challenger: Street Fighter V

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If you're interested in SFV whether youre just getting into the game or trying to level up or youre gold/plat+ and want to help out, you should check out the New Challenger discord!  1on1 Coaching, skill capped tournaments, stress free.  It's a great place to learn the game!!

Check out this article Eurogamer.net did on us!


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After chatting with the NCH Admin team, and seeing how our members have responded with such positivity in what we do, we have decided that NCH should be a central hub for the FGC, not just for SFV. With the Injustice 2 release right around the corner, I have reached out to r/injustice to join our community. They've shown a lot of interest in what we are doing and have accepted our proposal to take on their beginner community!

Come join our community as it continues to grow!


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