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Found 3 results

  1. What: 75pts - Warmachine/Hordes Tournament When: October 14th with a 10am start time Where: Games Nook, Sudbury Ontario How Much: 15$ entry fee Its time again for some fast paced Iron Kingdom tournament action. Last year North Bay Dave held the first King Beyond the Wall tournament event in North Bay and a Sudbury native Tyrone Lockhart took home the crown. So this year the event is moving to Sudbury where players will battle it out for the title of Kind Beyond the Wall and the civic pride of their local meta for the coming year. This is our premier event of the tournament season in the North so we'll be looking to up the prize support a bit and are asking a 15$ entry fee to help support that effort. I'll be announcing what the prizes will be once I have a better idea of expected attendance numbers. One thing is for certain, Doug has a set of the old Steamroller trophies on hand so as long as we have 8 players or more we'll be handing those out to first second and third places. If we have an even number then the TO (David D.) will be participating to avoid handing out a buy round. If you're intending to participate then leave a comment below with the faction you'll be representing and lets get this party going! Tyrone Lockhart - Legion (Defending King!) Josh Lavigne - Skorne David Poliquin - Grymkin Quinn Perry - Cygnar Rob Emerson - Cryx Mat Dussiaume - Retribution David Dussiaume - Protectorate (T.O.)
  2. We're back for the third iteration of Sudbury's largest 40k tournament! The full player packet should be attached to this post. Please look for (BPO FINAL.pdf) Details: 3 rounds of play, 2 1/4 hours per round 2000 points, three detachments No single model unit can be above Power Level 31. ITC Style Missions and FAQ Optional hot lunch November 18th (09:30 Registration / Game 1 at 10:00) Lockerby Legion, Sudbury Registration: $25 - Online registration to follow. 24 players maximum. Lunch: $15 ----------------------------------- Questions: Q: Where else can I get information? A: https://www.facebook.com/BeerAndPretzelsOpen/ A: http://www.frontlinegaming.org/community/frontline-gamings-independent-tournament-circuit/ Q: Man, I hope that the lunch works out better than last year! A: The kitchen staff has been turned over due to... performance issues. Q: Where do I register? A: Best Coast Pairings will be available soon. First to pay, First to play. Feel free to voice your interest in this thread! Edited: I've been waiting for BCP to have a Tournament Organizer App that doesn't require an iThing. That hasn't happened. We will be managing registration between here and the Facebook Event. Q: Is this competitive or casual? A: This event is what the players make it. We aim to accommodate all types of players, and use a self-imposed ranking system that helps ensure you fight people with the same mind-set as yourself for your first matchup. Historically, this has work very well and everyone has left happy. Q: How do I win prizes? A: The BPO rewards the full hobby. Prizes are awarded for Best General, Best Sportsman, and Best Hobbyist while the top prize is awarded to the player with the aggregate score (all scoring tracks are weighted equally). Prize support and distribution is dependent on attendance. Last year we had a total purse in excess of $1000 distributed to nearly 10 prizes! ---------------- Registration The following is a list of players who have shown interest in attending. We can accept 24 players and will continue to manage a wait list. Players who pre-pay by October 17 will be guaranteed a spot. On October 17 we will start contacting the wait list to ensure that we can fill the event. Please contact @Yarium for payment. <spoiler> Paid attendees: JusticeBeaver - Paid / Lunch dreadpirate - Paid / Lunch Kousei - Paid / Lunch Connor Makarucha - Paid / Lunch Kevin Armitage - Paid / Lunch Irvin Armitage - Paid / Lunch Dasjuice - Paid / Lunch Jay Lymer - Paid / Lunch Edward Bush - Paid / Lunch Durek - Paid / Lunch Brandon Carpenter - Paid / Lunch Tyler Saulnier - Paid Peter Longarini - Paid / Lunch Mark Ammirante - Paid / Lunch Steve Marleau - Paid Ben Gammon - Paid Max Robichaud - Paid Dave Balun - Paid Alain Paquette - Paid / Lunch Dante - Paid Kenny - Paid / Lunch Evan Urso - Paid / Lunch Tyler Boorman - Paid Keith Hanson - Paid - owes $5 Registered Players JusticeBeaver - Paid Rashius BaggiestPanther dreadpirate - Paid / Lunch Kousei - Paid / Lunch Connor Makarucha - Paid / Lunch Kevin Armitage - Paid / Lunch Irvin Armitage - Paid / Lunch Taylor - Paid Grimaldus Corey Dasjuice - Paid / Lunch Steve Marleau - paid pending meetup Ben Gammon - paid pending meetup Zaxxon Stygiophobia Jay Lymer - Paid / Lunch Kenny - paid pending meetup Evan Urso Mark Ammirante - Paid / Lunch Edward Bush - Paid / Lunch Durek - Paid / Lunch AVR kyriosepoch Wait List: Taylor D. Brear tourney only Hazard30 Max Robicheaud Pete - Paid / Lunch Brandon Carpenter - Paid / Lunch Tyler Saulnier - Paid </spoiler>
  3. Do the Sports, Score the Points, Win the Game... A Guild Ball Tournament Come one, come all to the first Guild Ball tournament in the Nickel City. This is will be an entry level tournament so all players are welcome. This is a 6 player roster tournament, with a maximum of 1 union player per roster. Games will be played to 10 points, and it will be a round robin style event. We will not be using Guild Plots for this event, as most people are not familiar with them yet. If you are interested in trying the game but do not have models, fret not! Some players have multiple teams that they may be willing to share with you, and I will have paper models to play with as well (though keep in mind that those using the paper models will given an automatic 0 score for painting). The games will be scored on the following things: Victory Point difference Painting Score Sportsmanship Score And a separate prize will be given for the most creative goal post. Entry fee of $10 to be paid before first kick-off. The event will be held on July 29, 2017 starting at 6 PM at Great Canadian Games and Hobbies.