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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, My buddy Walt at Impudent Mortal is going to be implementing a "split shipping" deal to international customers that could save you a lot of money when ordering products from him. For all of you not familiar with Impudent Mortal, he donated HUNDREDS of dollars worth of terrain to our Infinity Nights at GCC (well.. There was some painting services involved, but it was also a huge amount of good will put into it). To get more details, you can sign up for his newsletter. It's not just Terrain, he makes paint racks, tournament trays, and other great things all gamers need. You can check it it out at www.impudentmortal.com and subscribe to his newsletter here. https://www.impudentmortal.com/customer-rewards-programs/#1497451037447-db61bbe4-d428
  2. More 40k Terrain

    Spent tonight doing some more 40k Terrain for a client. This time it's some bunkers - one in the snow and one in a city.
  3. Hey guys - I just finished these 3 statues as a commission. This is a marble statue in a jungle theme. You can't really see the marbling or shine in the picture. I made the vines from wire and a leaf punch. This is a granite statue in a snow theme. I tried out crackle paint for the first time, and it worked out great - but the cracks are too fine to be seen on camera. This one is a desert themed statue. Again, with the crackle paint. You really can't see it, but here is a close up on the head, where it really stands out. Lots of work, but I think it definitely panned out. CnC is definitely welcome.