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Found 2 results

  1. So many Primaris.... SOLD

    Hey Guys - I got into 40k full bore and I have a metric ton of models I'm looking to offload. Mainly, my imperium stuff. I'm pretty happy with my deathguard. So, that being said - I'm gonna be selling off the imperium faction - which consists mainly of Primaris marines. I just don't see myself getting to painting them anytime soon, and I could use the cash to round out my deathguard. So, this is roughly what I've got. 30x Unpainted Primaris Marines 20x unpainted Primaris with Plasma 6x Jump Primaris in the big armour 1x NoS Imperial Knight with upgrades to do the one with the fist and gattling gun 2x unpainted commander Primaris guys 4x Primaris Lieutenants 5x converted Primaris terminators Assorted Imperial Guard Guys... I'd have to show you if you're interested. I'm taking offers. Make serious ones please - I'm not a charity. If there is any interest, I'll take some photos.
  2. Any interest in haqqislam? SOLD!

    Hey guys, i've been bouncing around this for far too long, is there any interest in a haqqislam army? It's just not my game, willing to give a very good deal.