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Found 1 result

  1. On another forum that I frequent, an issue with the new Masterpiece cards for Amonkhet has been realised. These are, as it turns out, not Tournament Legal. Check this out: So these are, by the current rules, not tournament legal. Comparing side-by-side: The first being the new one, the second being the Kaladesh Invention. Quite clearly, the new ones don't have a white or black border. Note, these are both links direct from Wizard's website, which means they would be showing the border. And they can't just say "you can play these, but only with sleeves" because that opens the doors for other non-black/white bordered cards to be played in sleeves. This is a rather significant mistake that, while it may seem fine on the surface, has some compounding layers of issues as you dig deeper into their tournament system. Well, not that big a deal, they just got to bite the bullet really. But still, it'll be interesting to see how Wizards responds to this.