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  1. Galrix is a small moon located near Paradiso, and it is being used as a launching point for Combined Army incursions into human space. To counter this, Hexahedron - the main intelligence agency of Pan Oceania and the O-12 have staged an investigation into the activities on Galrix, and have discovered a terrible truth. In recent years, small groups of defectors from the human sphere have been treating with the ONYX intelligence agency and selling critical information. With this being made known to a small group of O-12 operatives, an recon mission was launched to evaluate the threat, being led by Hexahedron. The Theater of Battle Galrix Prime is a sprawling metropolis, home to millions who have sworn allegiance to the Combined Army. There are two opposing factions made up of smaller groups. They are as follows: Hexahedron @kyriosepoch (Yu-Jing) @hazard30 (Haqquislam) @rod.con (Ariadna) @mosher (PanO) @Scobrea (Nomads) ONYX @Aczel (Nomad Defectors) @Jim (Combined Army) @Space Knight Jo (PanO Dissidents) @Deademperor (Haqquislam Traitors) @Stygiophobia (Nomad Defectors) @Feluca (Combined Army) This Map will be updated once per two weeks, and officially begins on June 1st and ends on September 30th. The Official Tournament to conclude the Campaign will be held on October 14th. The Scenarios Each Theater of Battle has it's own scenario tied to it. They will be listed below. Games can be played as 200 pt, 300 pt, or 400 pt levels. Once each game concluded, both members must enter their scores by following this link: Galrix Game Tracker Once the game has been logged, the results will be posted as the game will effect the control over a particular territory. At the end of the campaign, the team with the most territories will control Galrix Prime. There are two factors that will determine the control of a particular area - Assault Strength and Bulwark. The size of a particular game will determine the Assault Value of an attack. When attacking a neutral territory, or a territory controlled by an opposing team, the winner must subtract the amount of Bulwark on that territory. If the result is a negative number (ie -1 or -2), then the winning player can then treat that as the new Bulwark Value on that territory, as they now own it. For example, @Aczel and @kyriosepoch are playing a game on Galrix Minor. The area is owned by Hexahedron, and it has a Bulwark of +1. It is a 300 point game, so the assigned value on that assault is 4. If @Aczel wins the game, ONYX will own the territory, and it gains a Bulwark score of +3 in favour of ONYX. If @kyriosepoch wins the game, it will have a new Bulwark value of +5. If a game is played between two players of the same team on a territory they own, or a neutral territory, they can add Bulwark to the territory by practicing war games. So, if @kyriosepoch plays a game against @hazard30 on Galrix Minor, and there is a Bulwark value of +1 on it. It is a 300 pt game, which adds +3 Bulwark to it, giving it a total of +4 once the game has concluded. The values are as follows. 200 pt game. Assault +2. Bulwark +1. 300 pt game. Assault +4. Bulwark +3. 400 pt game. Assault +6. Bulwark +5. If this isn't clear, please mention it in a separate thread and it will be addressed. Here are the scenarios for each Territory. There is always one condition that is always in place in every scenario. So, that's the entirety of the Summer Campaign. If there any questions, feel free to respond in the FAQ thread in the Infinity section.