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Found 8 results

  1. Blightwar - Nurgle in AoS

    Looks like nurgle is getting an AOS release. This is probably where we will see the new Great Unclean One.
  2. Looking to sell my Death Guard, that's all thats left from the big lot from the other day! Get em while they're ROT! (wow that joke was terrible.) SOLD DEATH GUARD: ($70 for the lot) 1x Lord of Contagion (Built & Unpainted) 1x Malignant Plaguecaster (Built & Unpainted) 7x Plague Marines (Built & Unpainted, includes Plague Champion) 20x Poxwalkers (Built & Unpainted) 1x Noxious Blightbringer (built & Unpainted) 1x Foetid Blight Drone (Built & Unpainted) and they come with a fancy little Death Guard booklet!!
  3. Hi guys - so here is my first attempt at 8th Expect some old characters from the 7th edition army to make an appearance!
  4. Rotting Heroes Bundle

    Hey Guys, I have an extra Plague Caster, Blight Bringer, and Lord of Contagion - NOS - for $30. Let me know if you want it.
  5. So now we come to the final team of those selected in season one of Crater Bowl, Nurgle. (though there are 24 teams in total, so more info on those later) Nurgle is a very unique team. They are a chaos team, so share some characteristics with them, but unlike chaos who's sole purpose is to remove opposing players from the pitch Nurgle is more of a "control what the other player does" kind of team. They have two abilities that help with this: Foul Appearance - People need to roll a die and not roll a 1 in order to attack them Disturbing Presence - If you try to do anything with the ball other than pick it up off the ground then you have a -1 modifier for every model with this ability that is within 3 squares of you. This is handy against passing teams. Now only five models on your team can have those abilities at the start, and they are your most expensive players, including one very stupid big guy, the beast of nurgle. So if you want to have the most you can of these abilities you must pump a lot of money into these players and pass up other options. Here's my starting roster 1 Beast of Nurgle 4 Bloaters (Nurgle Warriors) 1 Pestigor (Nurgle Beastman) 5 Rotters (basic linemen) 2 rerolls That's right, two rerolls. I typically aim for 3, but I can't afford everything I want if I do, so I bit the bullet and went with fewer rerolls. Given how none of the players on this team start with skills of any kind that's a bit of a risk. Some options include leaving out the beast of nurgle and getting more rotters, since rotters die really fast, or another pestigor, since they are your fastest player and you can get rotters for free when you kill opposing players. Other options are to leave out one bloater for the extra cash. In all of those instances, though, you are losing out on a model with both foul appearance and disturbing presence, both of which have gotten me into very good positions, or out of bad ones. So for my money, that's the roster I'd start with. Teams to watch: Great Gurgly Nurgly - played by me :)
  6. Mr. Pickles

    When young Mr. Pickles had a friend and he loved his friend. He would give his friend hugs all the time. Then one day his friend moved away to live on a farm (or so he was told... lots of room to run around they said). Since then Mr. Pickles has been looking for new friends, most recently on the blood bowl pitch. One day he hopes to find a friend who will stay with him forevs, preferably one who doesn't squirm so much. So this thread is my wip thread for Mr. Pickles. I didn't like the beast of nurgle monster so I set about making my own. So far I have bits of a plague drone and venomthrope with some grey stuff. He's not done yet, still more to do before I can start to paint, but here is how he currently looks. Note that the bulbs on his back are eyes. I'm not pleased with them so I'll be redoing them.
  7. This is a thread for my progress on my blood bowl team. First we will see my rotter linemen. They still need to be based, but here they are post-painting :)
  8. Here is a legacy project of mine I wanted to transfer over to the new site. So, my 40k army is complete (or as complete as it's gonna get in the next little while). For the league, we were asked to have a background for your force, with named characters and units. I took the time to do some half-decent pictures, and I figure I'd also name the models and put their background here. Warning - The Universe of 40k is a Grim and Dark Place, and some of this stuff can be interpreted as pretty disturbing. If you are not good with the works of Clive Barker, Charlee Jacob, Poppy Z. Brite, or some of the more grotesque authors out there, do not read any further. Instead, if you want to just see the pictures - check them out in the original post here. Amnon the Little Horn Amnon is the only true space marine in under the Thrall of the Maggot King. For thousands of years, he has led his band in senseless raids across known space, ravaging agri-worlds that have claimed servitude to the empire. His weapon of choice is the Black Fist, a daemon weapon that gives unholy strength, and feeds upon the flesh and blood of the dead and dying. Though nurgle robbed him of his voice long ago, his instead uses dying victims to speak his words for him - and he keeps a fresh supply of captured slaves to slowly kill when he needs to express his will to the rest of his clan. The Sons of Rust Once members of the Space Wolves chapter, they have long fallen from grace. Given the opportunity to follow Amnon, they forsake the Emperor and began a bloody tear across his kingdoms. Spreading plague and pestilence, they are led by Captain Jahel - who lovely provides fresh meat for Paash to spoil. Paash the Scabbed Wing Paash was once a Traitor of the highest order, known as Paash the Raper by those who trembled at his name. His fetid desires were usually directed towards the recently dead, and though even vilified by other traitor marines, his extreme acts were not unnoticed by the chaos gods. Slowly, his tainted seed began to birth strange monstrosities from the corpses subject to his whims. These creatures looked upon him adoringly, and soon he began leading them into battle alongside Amnon and the Sons of Rust. As centuries past, his body began to warp and change, as nurgle granted one of his favoured sons rank and nobility among his followers. The Daemon Prince, was no longer known by his former moniker, but rather as Paash the Scabbed Wing. Time hasn't sated his lust for the dead, and to this day he brings new plague bearers to the fight after each battle. The Pale Hand The Pale Hand is Amnon's own chapter of Traitor Marines. Drawn for the ranks of the most devoted of the Emperor's Children, he has lured them with power and promise of greatness. Imbued with Amnon's own geneseed, they are reborn as plague marines, bearing the jaundiced eye of Nurgle. They are led by Gideon, the first of their Chapter, striding to battle armed with a massive greatsword and glowing plasma pistol. Mh'ithrha - Defiler of Stryda IV On campaign, Amnon met with Mh'ithrha as they converged upon a force of scatted space marines attempting to evacuate Stryda IV before it was completely overrun with daemons. At first, they regarded each other as foes, and engaged in senseless battle against one another. For days the two fought, exchanging savage blows to one another until seven children came onto the field, each infested with a savage disease that had spread prior to the daemonic incursion. They spoke with one voice, and that voice was father nurgle, asking his children not to bicker among each other but to join forces against the weak foolish Emperor and his misguided children. A pact was struck between Amnon and his Pale Hands - instead of battling against each other, they would coordinate their efforts. Mh'ithrha proved to be a valuable ally, as with him came more devotees of Nurgle and proof to the weak race of men that Amnon was truly blessed by heavenly powers. The Broken Men and The Wretched Thousands of followers from hundreds of fallen agri-worlds have sworn allegiance to Amnon and his foul brood. All wishing to become members of The Pale Hand, they ferociously follow these veteran warriors to battle - hoping to catch the eye of Amnon, Nurgle, or both. Of these weak mortals, there are two gangs that are most loyal to Amnon - The Broken Men and The Wretched. Though when not battling the misguided followers of The Emperor, they fight among each other for rank and power. Currently leading The Broken Men is Vedha - once a ruthless drug lord, he is now charged with infiltrating hive gangs and infecting them with a variety of horrific ailments. The leader of The Wretched is Skicarus - once a zealot who fanatically preached the will of The Emperor to all that would listen, now has become an evangelical force for the Maggot King - spreading his word (and virulence) to the commoners. Both are favoured servants of Amnon, who uses them to recruit new members and gain a foothold on a particular planet before staging a raid. Though both Vedha and Skicarus are dire foes, they each play their own part in Nurgle's higher schemes. The Sons of Paash Thanks to Paash's unquenchable lust for the dead, Amnon has access to an army of plague bearers. Each more grotesque than the last, they follow Paash into battle, and fight with the ferocity seen only in those protecting their own kin. Though spawned from the dead, they are daemonic to the core - each possessing a low cunning and evil intelligence. Of these nameless creatures are two that stand out among all others - Ghroth the First, and C'thalpa the Second. These two children of Paash lead their brothers and sisters into battle for the greater Glory of Amnon and their burning hatred of the weak mortal races. Ghreezhu - The God Machine Once, long ago, there was a defiler that used to raid alongside Amnon and the Pale Hand. It was a powerful force to be reckoned with - and was responsible for the death of thousands. Centuries past, an this defiler began to ask questions, sometimes even engaging others within the chapter in philosophical conversation. As it gained sentience, either through possession or some strange glitch in the warp, it became to grow flesh upon it's metal frame. At first, it was a patch here and there, but as it killed, maimed, and murdered those at the will of Amnon, it began to develop much faster. Soon, it became a valuable member of Amnon's raiding party - much to the glee of the rest of the clan. Ghreezhu is now an officer within the ranks of the Maggot King - issuing orders and charging into battle with the exalted vigor of an over-sized, mechanical child. So, I hope you enjoyed the read. That's the entire force I have painted. Comments and criticisms are encouraged! T.