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Found 1 result

  1. I want to keep the community engaged throughout the holiday month; however, scheduling can very stressful. To that end I have come up with an idea that will help motivate people. I will be putting some of my personal Guilders as reward. There will be two 3 Guilder chips and one 1 Guilder chip drawn as prizes. If you participate in any game at the Nook or Great Canadian from Nov 25th till Jan 12th that at least finishes 4 turns and let me know who your partner(s) was/were (win, lose or tie) each of you will be noted in my list. For each 2 games a player has played they will receive 1 ticket towards the draw. Also for the painters out there; if you paint, in its entirety (3 colour minimum and based unless approved by me) a previously unpainted box set you get tickets. These box sets can be Crew boxes (4 tickets) or minion/enforcer boxes (2 tickets). This may be repeated twice. To qualify you must first send me a picture of the minis assembled or not with no paint on them (primer is ok). Thirdly, you may earn 1 ticket if you purchase a Wyrd product at the Nook or Great Canadian of 20$ or more. Please send me proof of your purchase with receipt. This may be repeated twice. Local players (Greater Sudbury) only please.