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Found 22 results

  1. December and January Releases

    So December and January are looking to be awesome months. In December, we have the following to look forward to: Szalamandra, Neema, Druze, Kanren, Nexus Operative as new releases. A repack of Spetsnaz, repack of Hassassin Lasiqs. And January looks like this. BoW weekender went up with a little bit of infinity info. Something Tohaa is being worked on (presubamly a sectorial, he mentioned the Kaauri Sentinels being involved as an artist is doing art for them), Vedic artwork is being done (I think he mentioned a starter box) and he showed the concept for the Charontid coming in January (very different design and I think a recent sniper shot is from them), and renders for the Hospitallers in January.
  2. November 2017 Releases

    Hi guys - here is the list of releases for November!! And here is a super look into the future for @Space Knight Jo... enjoy!!
  3. Nomad Commission

    Hi guys - here are some nomads I just finished as a commission for a client. Now I can focus on my plague marines. Here is the sin eater, bandit and spectre. These riot grrls are ready to rock with their bright orange armour! A reverend healer and a reverend moiras, ready to spread the holy word to all the heretics at the end of a gun. This is Dr. Professor Business PhD. and his lovely body guard. They look pretty out of place in the muddy jungles of acontecimento. A pair of remotes to so I d out the team, armed with a pair of combi rifles and an EVO repeater. Here is the Kriza Boracs - sporting the best power armour money can buy. Lastly we have a Swast Taskmaster accompanied by two Killer Koalas - walking bombs that can be used as a great deterrent to those wanting to sneak up on you. So, that's it. Enjoy!
  4. Taylor's Infinity Plog

    As most of you know, my real gaming passion is infinity. I have a metric ton of painted infinity models that largely don't get to share as I'm too busy painting commissions. This morning though, I took the time to photograph my PanO Army. I'll be taking photos of my combined army in a bit. This blog will be where I'll be posting the majority of my infinity models, outside of the painting challenge thread. This will include commissions.
  5. Hey guys - check this out. It's pretty neat. I like the design.
  6. Any interest in haqqislam? SOLD!

    Hey guys, i've been bouncing around this for far too long, is there any interest in a haqqislam army? It's just not my game, willing to give a very good deal.
  7. October 2017 releases

    First up... we have the long awaited Ariadna tags.... the blackjack.
  8. The Day has Finally Arrived. The Alternate Card-Based Objective System (TACOS) was developed by our Infinity Gaming Community at GCC in October 2015. Now, two years of extensive playtesting, not only locally, but abroad has garnered enough feedback to develop a new and better version of TACOS, hopefully for years to come without any changes. In October 2017, TACOS 2.0 will be available. This version will feature key changes, such as new deployment rules, the ability to score objective points on your reactive turn, and new objectives! One major new feature is a complete redesign by local Infinity Player Jim Grey - with original artwork by Michal Bernat! The cards will look like this! These cards will also feature original boxed art for you to keep your cards in. The order hasn't been made yet, but it will be done by the end of September, and the cards will be available for pick up mid-October. It will cost roughly $20/box. I will be ordering a few extra copies to have, but if you want to guarantee yourself a set of these new cards, you will need to let me know prior to myself making the final order. If you are interested, let me know as I will be compiling a spreadsheet. Cheers! T.
  9. Who wants a mercenary sectoral?

    Who here would be interested in playing a pure mercenary sectoral. 🤔 https://www.infinitythegame.com/blog/news/item/368-infinity-outrage-missions
  10. Possible Szalamandra Sighted

    Check This! Pretty sure this is part of the Szalamandra.
  11. Gutier Q&A at Interplanetary

    This is an interesting interview with Gutier - owner of Corvus Belli. http://www.lead-rising.com/2017/08/gutiers-q-at-interplanetary-2017.html?m=1
  12. September 2017 Releases

    Hey guys, So here is the Shakimi, a new model being released for yu-jing. This is the first release we've seen for September - but we've had a list confirmed by Corvus already. This is what the rest of the month is bringing us.
  13. The Half Way Mark!

    Here is a great little graphic breaking down two months of Campaigning on Galrix. Thanks go to @kyriosepoch for putting this together!!
  14. Gencon Releases!!

    So, it is an exciting day.. because I can finally release this information to you guys! And... I'll share pictures as soon as I have them!! There is more, so stay tuned!!
  15. Bow to the Emperor!

    Hey guys, just a quick look at my Yu Jing painting for my ISS sectorial. I'm not sure I like how they turned out after I corrected the orangeness of the photos. I'll work on it. These were not painted to my best standard, as they were originally supposed to be a secondary army. They are tabletop quality if anything. Wu Ming Assault Corps
  16. July 2017 releases

    Here is the first preview for July's releases. Here are the rest of the releases this month. USAriadna Airborne Ranger Molotok Yu-Jing Zhanying hacker Nomads Riot Grrls box Rodok Missile launcher Sukuel Missile launcher 6 model box - no profiles yet Emily, Beba, Domovoi, Nakadai, Uhahu, Jethro repacks: Teutonic knights Ekdromoi 2 blister
  17. Dark Shard @ GCC

    Hi Everyone, There was some requests to know what goes on at GCC on our biweekly game nights. The main game of the night is Infinity. Here are some pictures from tonight's games. There is also some guildball. Geoff played a demo game with Alex, who is looking to get a team of his own. And that's not all. There is plenty of time to chill, and of course, play a board game or two. So, that's about it. If you're interested, send me a pm and I'll be sure to add you to the email list. :)
  18. Acontcime-what?!!

    Hi guys - so.. It's been a while since my last project log. I broke my about three weeks ago... had to get new parts.. then I got pneumonia... and I can't use my airbrush til my lungs are clear... probably another week - but a month without painting is unacceptable! I took out my brushes, and picked up some models I'd primed about a month ago and set to work.. painting old school! I decided to work on my acontecimento army. These bad asses are modelled after great movies like predator, aliens, with a touch of old vietnam-style jungle fighters from Platoon and Apocalypse Now. In my 400 pt force I have the following: 4x Acontecimento Commandos (I refuse to call them "regulars") 4x Baghmari Jungle Fighters 1x Spec-Op 1x Tikbalang Special Operations TAG 2x Akalis 1x Knight of Montessa I wanted to keep the theme similar to my Titanfall PanO, but have them distinctive. Here is what I've painted so far. The "Commandos" Baghmari Hacker and Combi Rifle Baghmari Sniper and Boarding Shotgun. Spec Op Tikbalang Special Operations TAG The whole group. I got some Vallejo mud effects coming to me, so that's why the bases aren't done yet - but I'll be sure to remedy that prior to busting these bad boys out!
  19. 2017 Infinity Summer Campaign

    Hey Guys, So, I'm starting some work on the 2017 Infinity Summer Campaign. As you know, last year we ran a campaign that included a detailed map, and a whole lot of prizes. This year, I'm planning on doing the same thing - but i wanted to get some input on some ideas I've had. 1. Teams - This year I was thinking we divide the player into two teams. The way this would work would be divided into Training Exercises (Team Mates vs. Team Mates) and Competition (One team vs. the other team). Doing a training exercise on a territory piece would reinforce it - competing against the other team would claim it. You would still be graded on individual merits and awarded prizes accordingly. 2. Less Territories - Last year, i think we had too many territories. I'm thinking if we go with teams, there will be five territories, and then two home bases. 3. Unique Prizes - I've already secured a Fat Yuan-Yuan as one of the campaign prizes. I was also thinking of doing the 300 pt army for the grand prize winner, as well as a few lesser prizes for those that participate. My goal would be to have a prize for everyone, even if it's just a blister. 4. Five game Minimum - every player will be required to at least play 5 games to qualify for prizes. That will be plenty given that the campaign will last from June til October (June, July, August, September). So, what do you guys think? Is this something you could get behind? T.
  20. May 2017 Releases

    Here is a sneak peek of the new minute man box. And here is the full video.
  21. haqqislam - off to eBay

    Here is the remainder of my haqqislam. All of the models (save for two gulam) are the most current releases. • Gulam x10 (sniper, missile launcher, HMG, hacker, doctor plus, 5 rifles) • Druze x4 (light grenade launcher, hacker, boarding shotgun, spitfire) • narajian engineer • Al'Hawwa hacker • kaplan x5 (sniper, adhesive launcher, spit fire, combi rifles x2) • janissaries x3 (akabar doctor, missile launcher, boarding shotgun Plus tin bot token model) • Servant Bots x2 • hassasine Rajik with boarding shotgun • Azrail (freurbach) • Djanzeban sniper • Khawarij • Zhayedan • Murabid Tuareg Models are mostly primed, just 5 models fully painted Approximate conservative msrp:$340 looking for $200 or trade : warmachine&hordes legion of everblight (character beasts, light beasts and units), Minions (gator beasts and posse, and Pig beasts and units) mercenaries (rheulic warjacks, units, solos, rheulic warcasters) Might consider an an age of sigmar force (unpainted) of chaos, destruction or death
  22. Hey Guys, An interesting article today on the from page of the website. It talks about all of the registered ITS players this season, and the make up of their armies. I was surprised to see that yu-Jing is the most popular army, followed by nomads. If you're interested in this sort of thing, it's pretty neat stuff. http://infinitythegame.com/article.php?id=290