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Found 3 results

  1. Clearance

    Hey guys and gals I'm looking to simplify my life so looking to sell my 40k and all warmachine 40k chaos - nurgle .......SOLD - land raider...sold - 20 beastmen cultists...$20 - 7 plague marines (new plastic)...sold - 3 HQ from new box set....$20 - 2 HQ (nurgle champion & psyker) ....$10 - Deamon Prince ..... $10 - Foetide bloat drone.... Sold Warmachine Mercenaries - 10 Croe's cuttroats................sold - 10 devil dogs - 10 steelhead halberdiers - (12) Alexia & the risen with thrall warrior............sold - 10 highshield gun Corp - 6 tactical arcanist Corp (2 units of 3) - Major Harrison Gibbs..,........................ sold - Gorman deWulfe - Sergeant Nicolas verendrye - Ragman, solo - Reinholt, gobber speculator, caster attachment - Madayne c, ordic courtesan, solo,..............................,,sold - Keil bailoch, solo....,....,,..........sold - Master gunner macnaile, solo - Nomad, heavy - Mariner, heavy - Freebooter, heavy - Talon, light - Renegade, light - General Ossrum - Magnus the traitor. - 2 token sets Legion of everblight - 2 box sets, new and old (sans two shredders. Plus one ogrun solo. -$50 Retribution - new box set $20 Trolls - Borka 1 - Borka 2................sold - Madrak 1 (slightly converted to look like a standard champion) - Rök, heavy - Dire troll mauler, heavy - Winter troll, light..............sold - Axer, light - Fell caller..................sold - Chronicler - Kriel stone (5) - Trollkin champs (5+ unit attachment) - 5 whelps - 2 token sets Maybe khador - old witch & scrapjack - Zerkova 2 - (6) grey lords on foot, 2 units of 3 - (7) 6 doom reavers with unit attachment - 12 kossite woodsmen ...............................sold - 10 man o war bombardiers - Doom reaver dragoon solo - Lesser warcaster - Yuri the axe, solo - Extreme black Ivan, heavy - 2 converted berserkers, heavy pictures soon
  2. What: 75pts - Warmachine/Hordes Tournament When: October 14th with a 10am start time Where: Games Nook, Sudbury Ontario How Much: 15$ entry fee Its time again for some fast paced Iron Kingdom tournament action. Last year North Bay Dave held the first King Beyond the Wall tournament event in North Bay and a Sudbury native Tyrone Lockhart took home the crown. So this year the event is moving to Sudbury where players will battle it out for the title of Kind Beyond the Wall and the civic pride of their local meta for the coming year. This is our premier event of the tournament season in the North so we'll be looking to up the prize support a bit and are asking a 15$ entry fee to help support that effort. I'll be announcing what the prizes will be once I have a better idea of expected attendance numbers. One thing is for certain, Doug has a set of the old Steamroller trophies on hand so as long as we have 8 players or more we'll be handing those out to first second and third places. If we have an even number then the TO (David D.) will be participating to avoid handing out a buy round. If you're intending to participate then leave a comment below with the faction you'll be representing and lets get this party going! Tyrone Lockhart - Legion (Defending King!) Josh Lavigne - Skorne David Poliquin - Grymkin Quinn Perry - Cygnar Rob Emerson - Cryx Mat Dussiaume - Retribution David Dussiaume - Protectorate (T.O.)
  3. Warmachine Wednesdays @ the Games Nook

    Wednesday nights from 5 to 10pm at the Games Nook. Open play format. PM StreetPizza if you want to be on the mailing list for WMH events and tournaments.