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Found 2 results

  1. Any interest in haqqislam? SOLD!

    Hey guys, i've been bouncing around this for far too long, is there any interest in a haqqislam army? It's just not my game, willing to give a very good deal.
  2. haqqislam - off to eBay

    Here is the remainder of my haqqislam. All of the models (save for two gulam) are the most current releases. • Gulam x10 (sniper, missile launcher, HMG, hacker, doctor plus, 5 rifles) • Druze x4 (light grenade launcher, hacker, boarding shotgun, spitfire) • narajian engineer • Al'Hawwa hacker • kaplan x5 (sniper, adhesive launcher, spit fire, combi rifles x2) • janissaries x3 (akabar doctor, missile launcher, boarding shotgun Plus tin bot token model) • Servant Bots x2 • hassasine Rajik with boarding shotgun • Azrail (freurbach) • Djanzeban sniper • Khawarij • Zhayedan • Murabid Tuareg Models are mostly primed, just 5 models fully painted Approximate conservative msrp:$340 looking for $200 or trade : warmachine&hordes legion of everblight (character beasts, light beasts and units), Minions (gator beasts and posse, and Pig beasts and units) mercenaries (rheulic warjacks, units, solos, rheulic warcasters) Might consider an an age of sigmar force (unpainted) of chaos, destruction or death