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  1. House Rules

    hey everyone. I've been watching a lot of D&D type videos for tips and advice, background information or things of the sort. One such video series the host always asks her guests what their House Rules are. I know I'm not the only roleplayer in the community... but for some reason we tend to be a quiet lot here in sudbury and the rest of the northern ontario area. What's your house rule?' I know I have one in ideal, but I seldom enforce it because they've become such digital swiss army knives... cell phones. Much of the players I play with have apps for spells and other information. despite this, I'd still rather see them away from the table. they can be a visual distraction for some, though not for all. I stand by one rule more often, which is: "please please leave the Cheese on your sandwich, not in your character development". In my experiences I find that a player can get caught up in the gimmick instead of the game. I remember when I started making cheese characters, I made this one for a one shot game, a Saurial (dinosaur person, pterodactyl type creature) who just just annoying as all fuck. it was the only time where a GM actively killed my character. granted, it was warranted... my gimmick may have been a laugh for myself, a chuckle for other PCs.... it might have been annoying the GM. I ruined someone's fun by immersing myself in my own. Not all gimmicks are directly annoying... sometimes it's a way a character dresses that is intended to garner a reaction. The problem with this is, I often forget that I'm suppose to remember this quirk, and the player just feels a little cheated or bypassed when it's not reacted upon. When I've come to a compromise that mitigates the cheese factor, everyone still has as much fun as they would have regardless....which brings me to the next house rule.... I'm not going to say No, I'm going to compromise: When ever I don't like something- an action, choice, request... I never flat out say no. Unless character creation rules dictate specific things (class, race, alignment or feat allowances, which I thematically attach when we develop the type of game we are playing.) but, as a rule, I don't say no...I try to make it happen. I feel these games are collaborative and evolve best without roadblocks. So how about you? do you have specific house rules in your game? - Gary -