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Found 4 results

  1. New Easy to Build Models

    These are pretty neat. I hope the price reflects the kits. I might pick some of these up.
  2. WTB Varghulf

    Greetings and salutations! It's me, the dude who used to play the shitty Tyranid army, and Necrons before that. There were Tau in the for a bit, too. Oh, and Grey Knights when they were first redone. Y'know, that guy that never won any games? Anywho, I'm looking for a Varghulf, from the old Vampire Counts army book that's still usable in today's AoS Death compendium. No, I'm not getting into AoS. I need it for D&D! Hit me up with a reply to this thread, or a PM, and we'll hash out the details! Live Long and Prosper. - Alex
  3. A short little project..

    So... I have been bugging Clark for some time now about giving me one of his World of Warcraft action figures. We have been haggling for months trying to come to an agreement. And it seems that we have. Clark is going to a tournament this weekend and needs some painted models... This is what he dropped off for me tonight at 6:30. Deadline, Friday night before bed. This is what I have completed so far...