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Found 1 result

  1. Nomad Commission

    Hi guys - here are some nomads I just finished as a commission for a client. Now I can focus on my plague marines. Here is the sin eater, bandit and spectre. These riot grrls are ready to rock with their bright orange armour! A reverend healer and a reverend moiras, ready to spread the holy word to all the heretics at the end of a gun. This is Dr. Professor Business PhD. and his lovely body guard. They look pretty out of place in the muddy jungles of acontecimento. A pair of remotes to so I d out the team, armed with a pair of combi rifles and an EVO repeater. Here is the Kriza Boracs - sporting the best power armour money can buy. Lastly we have a Swast Taskmaster accompanied by two Killer Koalas - walking bombs that can be used as a great deterrent to those wanting to sneak up on you. So, that's it. Enjoy!