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Found 7 results

  1. Rpg resources - maps

    i decided that it would be cool to share resources scoured from the Internet. I'll be posting maps that I find interesting and I encourage you to do the same :) i plan on updating weekly, maybe theme based, I don't know.
  2. This is a thread for my progress on my blood bowl team. First we will see my rotter linemen. They still need to be based, but here they are post-painting :)
  3. The guys are up and already funded. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/durginpaintforge/the-iron-crows-and-other-dwarves-of-kazhuk-izril?ref=category_newest I don't think I've ever seen dwarves with so much character.
  4. 'Nough said. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1636851747/atlantis-miniatures-28mm-dwarf-miniatures
  5. AoS28 & RPG projects

    So I'm stepping back from anything more than a kitchen table game. My rpg figures are grouped into similar projects classifications or "armies" so naturally I will be able to use them for AoS and similar types of games And so, it begins dark elves/order:
  6. Roman and I are putting the finishing touches on our home brew fantasy rpg called Chronicle. We made it a few years ago and play tested it for about 8 months before scrapping it and moving on, but we are about to jump on another campaign. I was just wondering if anyone was interested in taking a look once it's done. I'm just putting the final touches on the magic chapter (which means I have two more chapters to fix up) and then I'll be laying it out in a book format (with stolen artwork from the Internet... as it's not like I'm publishing this or anything... it's just for personal use). If so, lemme know and I'll make it available for you to read once it's done. :)
  7. Hello DarkShard! My name is Kyriose (Taylor B/VeggieTaylor/Taylor2) and I am the Steamforged representative local to the Sudbury area. I will be promoting Guild Ball for the foreseeable future, and would like to extend an invitation to anyone who is interested in the game to come try it out! We play at Great Canadian Games and Hobbies every second Saturday, and I am always willing to run demo games. There are currently 9 released teams, and one announced but not yet released. Alchemists Brewers Butchers Engineers Fishermen Hunters Masons Morticians The Union Farmers (Currently Unreleased) The game plays largely like Warmahordes, but with a smaller model count and with a larger focus on team composition and combo plays. I have attached the current rule book PDF, and am free to answer any questions you may have! GB-Season3-Rulebook.pdf