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Found 2 results

  1. Craftworld Codex Leak

    HUUUGE Compilation of leaks found here;http://bloodofkittens.com/blog/2017/10/16/craftworld-eldar-8th-edition-codex-leak-compilation/ Most notable changes are listed below; Craftworld Eldar Codex: $40 Craftworld Dice: $20 (6 Different Kinds) Datacards: $15 Eldrad: $30 Start Collecting Craftworlds: $85 Triumvirate of Ynnead Repackage with Ynnari Latest Rules Various Made to Order Old Eldar Models returning Updated Unit Information: Wraithguard & Wraithblades are now T6 Autarch: Path of Command boosted with regen Command Points on 6+ and re-roll 1s within 6″ aura Fire Prism: Can shoot twice if moves less than half speed Reapers: 81 points for 3. launcher was 31 now 22 Banshees: No overwatch, advance and charge, +3″ charge, can choose things 15″ away to charge Jain Zar: banshees fight first War walkers: Outflank Warp spiders: Deep strike Hawks: Assault 4, 13 points Hemlock: now -2 LD aura and cheaper Windriders: 18 points w/ catapults, 28 w/ cannon (possibly didn’t realize that catapults cost points) scatter lasers: 15 points Shadow Weaver increased by 4 points. Vibro Cannon increased by 10 points. Wraith Knight is the same cost, but the Titanic Ghost Glaive is reduced by 35 points. Dire Avengers -2 (Avenger Catapult -2) Banshees -3 Scorpions -4 (Claw -8) Spiders -4 Windriders -2 (Scatter lasers -5) Crimson Hunters -23 (Exarch -48 points) Falcon -49 points War Walkers -11 Vypers -14 Vauls Support Battery -47 points Eldrad -30 Farseer Skyrunner -29 points (Also Singing Spears down to 4 points, from 12. So -8) Spiritseer -22 Star Cannon now 15 points Twin Scatter Laser -13 Twin Shuriken Cannon -7 Twin Star Cannon -32 Ghost Axes -4 Force Shields -2 General Warlord Traits: Ambush of Blades: 6″ aura – hit roll of 6 in fight phase has AP improved by 1 Eye on Distant Events: no Overwatch on warlord Falcon’s Swiftness: +2″ movement on warlord Fate’s Messenger: +1 W and 6+ FNP Mark of the Incomparable Hunter: warlord can snipe Seer of Shifting Vector: once per battle re-roll single roll Specific Warlord Traits: Alaitoc: Warlord gets 6″ Fearless Aura Ulthwe: Regen Command points 6+ at beginning of Turn Biel-tan: Unit within 3″, can reroll all failed hit rolls when shooting in that phase. Iyanden:Warlord gets +1 deny the witch, even if they’re not a psyker. Samhain: +3″ pile in moves in any direction. +1 attack if they pile in to nearest model. Stratagems: Guided Wraithsight 1CP: At the start of the turn increase Spirit Mark aura to 12″ and all Wraith Constructs re-roll all hits insteads of just 1s. Runes of Witnessing 2CP: re-roll wounds of 1 for all units within 6″ of a specific Farseer for a phase Phantasm 2CP: After deployment, but before the first turn starts. You can immediately re-deploy 3 units. Tears of Aisha 2CP: Any wraith construct unit. Immediately regains D3 wounds. Seer Council 1CP: If you have a Farseer and a Warlock within 6″ of each other, you can add 1 to any Psychic tests. Concordance of Power 1CP: Warlock Conclave doubles range of a successfully manifested power Unparalleled Mastery 1CP: when Farseer successfully manifests last power, can attempt another power Discipline of the Black Guardians 1CP: At the start of either Shooting or Fight phase pick a Guardian unit and they get +1 to hit rolls for that phase. Lightning Fast Reactions 2CP: Asuryani Infantry or Fly unit targeted in Shooting or Fight phase is at -1 to hit for phase Feigned Retreat 2CP: Any infantry or Fly unit in combat. Can fall back, then shoot and charge. Serpent Shield 1CP: You can immediately discharge your serpent shield again, so twice in one turn if you did it normally first. Feigned Retreat 2CP: Any Asuyani units can fall back and still shoot and charge Avatar Resurgent 3CP: When Avatar is killed roll a D6 after the unit that killed the Avatar has fought, the Avatar remains on the battlefield with that number of remaining wounds. Court of Young King 2CP: Biel-Tan Warrior with an Exarch adds 2 to charge distances and re-rolls 1s to hit. Adds 3 if within 6″ of the Avatar, and re-roll all failed to hit rolls. Supreme Disdain 1CP: Asuryani fights in fight phase, hit rolls of 6+ give you an extra attack Fire and Fade 1CP: Move an bonus 7″ in the shooting phase, but cannot advance or charge. Pathfinders 1CP: Alaitoc Rangers will only be hit on 6+ in enemy shooting phase. Linked Fire 1CP: Select one Fire Prism then all other Fire Prisms can link with it ignoring range, LOS, and re-roll all hits and wounds. All Fire Prisms do this at the end of the shooting phase, all Fire Prisms must target the same unit. Webway Assault 1-3 CP: Up to three units can Infiltrate Cloud Strike 1-3 CP: Up to three Vehicles can Deep Strike The Craftworld Attribute: Work on all Craftworld Units Iyanden: Can never lose more than 1 model for a failed Morale Test. All units with damage charts count wounds as double when consulting the chart abilities. Ulthew: 6+ Feel No Pain, cannot be stacked with similar powers. Biel-Tan: Add 1 to LD. All Shurken Weapons re-roll to hits of 1. Saim-Hann: Jet Bikes re-roll Charge Distances and ignore penalties for firing heavy weapons. Alaitoc: Enemies -1 to hit outside of 12″ Relics: (Remnants of Glory) Psytronome of Iyanden: Iyanden Psyker Only. Once Per Game. All Wraith Constructs within 6″ of Psyker double their attack characteristic. After the fight phase each Construct unit suffers D3 Mortal Wounds. Phoenix Gem: When slain, on a 2+ do D3 mortal wounds, if kill something the Bearer comes back with 1 wound. Psychic Powers: Empower/Enervate: Friendly Biker or Infantry within 18″ adds 1 to the wound in the Fight phase or choose an enemy unit and subtract 1 from the to wound roll in the fight phase. Mind War: Target enemy character within 18″ roll a D6 add LD and take mortal wounds for the difference in totals. Executioner: Mortal Wound Spell Will of Asuryan: Fearless
  2. sold

    SOLD Not splitting at this time. 2x Harlequin Troupe 1x Wave Serpent (Primed Black) 1x Half wave serpent (not counting this as value, just throwing it in and if you have a top half or want to greenstuff one, give er) 1x Baggy of FW Shurrikan bit. 2x Star Weavers (Painted) 1x Avatar of Khaine (metal) 1x Warlock (Metal) 1x Baharoth (painted well) 1x Guardian Squad w/ Turret 1x Howling Banshee Squad 1x Fire Dragon Squad 1x Yncarne model (missing foot - any eldar foot fits -- i checked) 1x NIB Wraith Knight 1x NIB Support Cannon (was going to build D-Cannon) 1x Warwalker 1x Solitaire (not pictured / recast but super good quality)