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Found 1 result

  1. Craftworld Codex Leak

    HUUUGE Compilation of leaks found here;http://bloodofkittens.com/blog/2017/10/16/craftworld-eldar-8th-edition-codex-leak-compilation/ Most notable changes are listed below; Craftworld Eldar Codex: $40 Craftworld Dice: $20 (6 Different Kinds) Datacards: $15 Eldrad: $30 Start Collecting Craftworlds: $85 Triumvirate of Ynnead Repackage with Ynnari Latest Rules Various Made to Order Old Eldar Models returning Updated Unit Information: Wraithguard & Wraithblades are now T6 Autarch: Path of Command boosted with regen Command Points on 6+ and re-roll 1s within 6″ aura Fire Prism: Can shoot twice if moves less than half speed Reapers: 81 points for 3. launcher was 31 now 22 Banshees: No overwatch, advance and charge, +3″ charge, can choose things 15″ away to charge Jain Zar: banshees fight first War walkers: Outflank Warp spiders: Deep strike Hawks: Assault 4, 13 points Hemlock: now -2 LD aura and cheaper Windriders: 18 points w/ catapults, 28 w/ cannon (possibly didn’t realize that catapults cost points) scatter lasers: 15 points Shadow Weaver increased by 4 points. Vibro Cannon increased by 10 points. Wraith Knight is the same cost, but the Titanic Ghost Glaive is reduced by 35 points. Dire Avengers -2 (Avenger Catapult -2) Banshees -3 Scorpions -4 (Claw -8) Spiders -4 Windriders -2 (Scatter lasers -5) Crimson Hunters -23 (Exarch -48 points) Falcon -49 points War Walkers -11 Vypers -14 Vauls Support Battery -47 points Eldrad -30 Farseer Skyrunner -29 points (Also Singing Spears down to 4 points, from 12. So -8) Spiritseer -22 Star Cannon now 15 points Twin Scatter Laser -13 Twin Shuriken Cannon -7 Twin Star Cannon -32 Ghost Axes -4 Force Shields -2 General Warlord Traits: Ambush of Blades: 6″ aura – hit roll of 6 in fight phase has AP improved by 1 Eye on Distant Events: no Overwatch on warlord Falcon’s Swiftness: +2″ movement on warlord Fate’s Messenger: +1 W and 6+ FNP Mark of the Incomparable Hunter: warlord can snipe Seer of Shifting Vector: once per battle re-roll single roll Specific Warlord Traits: Alaitoc: Warlord gets 6″ Fearless Aura Ulthwe: Regen Command points 6+ at beginning of Turn Biel-tan: Unit within 3″, can reroll all failed hit rolls when shooting in that phase. Iyanden:Warlord gets +1 deny the witch, even if they’re not a psyker. Samhain: +3″ pile in moves in any direction. +1 attack if they pile in to nearest model. Stratagems: Guided Wraithsight 1CP: At the start of the turn increase Spirit Mark aura to 12″ and all Wraith Constructs re-roll all hits insteads of just 1s. Runes of Witnessing 2CP: re-roll wounds of 1 for all units within 6″ of a specific Farseer for a phase Phantasm 2CP: After deployment, but before the first turn starts. You can immediately re-deploy 3 units. Tears of Aisha 2CP: Any wraith construct unit. Immediately regains D3 wounds. Seer Council 1CP: If you have a Farseer and a Warlock within 6″ of each other, you can add 1 to any Psychic tests. Concordance of Power 1CP: Warlock Conclave doubles range of a successfully manifested power Unparalleled Mastery 1CP: when Farseer successfully manifests last power, can attempt another power Discipline of the Black Guardians 1CP: At the start of either Shooting or Fight phase pick a Guardian unit and they get +1 to hit rolls for that phase. Lightning Fast Reactions 2CP: Asuryani Infantry or Fly unit targeted in Shooting or Fight phase is at -1 to hit for phase Feigned Retreat 2CP: Any infantry or Fly unit in combat. Can fall back, then shoot and charge. Serpent Shield 1CP: You can immediately discharge your serpent shield again, so twice in one turn if you did it normally first. Feigned Retreat 2CP: Any Asuyani units can fall back and still shoot and charge Avatar Resurgent 3CP: When Avatar is killed roll a D6 after the unit that killed the Avatar has fought, the Avatar remains on the battlefield with that number of remaining wounds. Court of Young King 2CP: Biel-Tan Warrior with an Exarch adds 2 to charge distances and re-rolls 1s to hit. Adds 3 if within 6″ of the Avatar, and re-roll all failed to hit rolls. Supreme Disdain 1CP: Asuryani fights in fight phase, hit rolls of 6+ give you an extra attack Fire and Fade 1CP: Move an bonus 7″ in the shooting phase, but cannot advance or charge. Pathfinders 1CP: Alaitoc Rangers will only be hit on 6+ in enemy shooting phase. Linked Fire 1CP: Select one Fire Prism then all other Fire Prisms can link with it ignoring range, LOS, and re-roll all hits and wounds. All Fire Prisms do this at the end of the shooting phase, all Fire Prisms must target the same unit. Webway Assault 1-3 CP: Up to three units can Infiltrate Cloud Strike 1-3 CP: Up to three Vehicles can Deep Strike The Craftworld Attribute: Work on all Craftworld Units Iyanden: Can never lose more than 1 model for a failed Morale Test. All units with damage charts count wounds as double when consulting the chart abilities. Ulthew: 6+ Feel No Pain, cannot be stacked with similar powers. Biel-Tan: Add 1 to LD. All Shurken Weapons re-roll to hits of 1. Saim-Hann: Jet Bikes re-roll Charge Distances and ignore penalties for firing heavy weapons. Alaitoc: Enemies -1 to hit outside of 12″ Relics: (Remnants of Glory) Psytronome of Iyanden: Iyanden Psyker Only. Once Per Game. All Wraith Constructs within 6″ of Psyker double their attack characteristic. After the fight phase each Construct unit suffers D3 Mortal Wounds. Phoenix Gem: When slain, on a 2+ do D3 mortal wounds, if kill something the Bearer comes back with 1 wound. Psychic Powers: Empower/Enervate: Friendly Biker or Infantry within 18″ adds 1 to the wound in the Fight phase or choose an enemy unit and subtract 1 from the to wound roll in the fight phase. Mind War: Target enemy character within 18″ roll a D6 add LD and take mortal wounds for the difference in totals. Executioner: Mortal Wound Spell Will of Asuryan: Fearless