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Found 12 results

  1. Hey Guys, With the 40k tourneys going on hold for a month or two after this weekend I was hoping to start playing a lot more AOS in the coming weeks and had a few questions. I'll be reading GHB2 this coming weekend but wanted to check some stuff out. 1) Is the game back to "detachment" style like it was previously or can I fill out a 2k order army with battleline from any army. eg. I pick Order allegiance, can I bring Liberators, Judicators and Free people as my troop choice or is the ability to do this completely reliant on battalions? 2) What are the restrictions? I am assuming its more of I cannot use stormcast specific artifacts if I go order allegiance? Or am I able to take them on stormcast hero's still? 3) What's the average detachment limit? Still 3? For instance, if I want to take a battalion aetherstrike and a battalion exemplar with a small 1k contingent is this possible? Thanks in advance for any answers - as mentioned i'll be reading the GHB2 probably this coming weekend/week when I get some free time but wanted to get some of the stickler questions out of my head. tagging @GreyKnight because I know he knows most of this stuff haha
  2. Blightwar - Nurgle in AoS

    Looks like nurgle is getting an AOS release. This is probably where we will see the new Great Unclean One.
  3. WTB Varghulf

    Greetings and salutations! It's me, the dude who used to play the shitty Tyranid army, and Necrons before that. There were Tau in the for a bit, too. Oh, and Grey Knights when they were first redone. Y'know, that guy that never won any games? Anywho, I'm looking for a Varghulf, from the old Vampire Counts army book that's still usable in today's AoS Death compendium. No, I'm not getting into AoS. I need it for D&D! Hit me up with a reply to this thread, or a PM, and we'll hash out the details! Live Long and Prosper. - Alex
  4. AoS Skaven

    I don't play AoS, especially now with 40k having decent rules again, so I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in a skaven army. I'm not looking for an exorbitant amount of money for them, nor do I want to give them up for peanuts (no matter what flavour). I usually see large lots where it's like $1000 retail and they want $600. I'm not looking for that much. If someone may be interested I'll put a full list together with a price, but here is what I remember. Screaming Bell A few jezzails Warpfire cannon Doomwheel Some rat ogres An assassin Thanquol & Boneripper Warpfire thrower 40ish clanrats with sword/shield 40ish with spear/shield 20ish plague monks a few plague censor bearers (that I think I made myself... don't remember) Abomination Warp grinder A couple of packmasters A dozen or more giant rats (only a few are actually giant rats... the rest are smaller rats on single bases) Warplock engineer Warlord with top of his banner broken off 3 stormfiends (1 warpfire, 1 assault cannon, one electrofisty) Nothing is painted. A couple of things are primed. I also have all the bits. If you think you may be interested, let me know.
  5. Path to Glory

    So, could Path to Glory be the game we were hoping that AoS Skirmish was going to be? It sounds like you start with a champion who can level up, gain equipment, and you slowly build your army. It sounds quite neat, I think.
  6. AGE OF SIGMAR escalation league. When: Begins Thursday May 11. Where: Games nook. Prize support: Yes. $100 gift card courtesy of Doug and the Nook. cost to enter: It is free. It is easy,play your AOS games, paint your army and you could win the gift card.Whether you play 1 game or more you could win the prize via a raffle system.(listed below). 1.You will need to register. Send me a tell and i will add you to the list. I will need a email address or your darkshard tag you don t mind me posting so other players may contact you for games of AOS. Lets grow the AOS community and start playing some players you haven t played before. 2.Starting May 11, I will generate a random player match up and post it up on darkshard. I will leave a list in a record book at the nook aswell. 3.You as a player will book your game with your opponent within the 2 week block.Then play the point value for that 2 week block. If you are Busy or cant get a hold of your opponent I will have my army ready to play on thursday evenings to fill in for your opponent. Please try and contact me before hand.This is all about playing some fun games of AOS. 4.There will be 4 blocks starting at 500,1000,1500 and 2000. Also we will cap it off with a mega battle theme game all players welcome. 5.At the end of the mega battle I will then draw the winner of the nook gift card. How to earn raffle tickets. 1.playing your league game.(2 tickets) 2.winning league game(1 ticket) 3.playing on league night(1ticket) this could be either monday or thursday. 4.painted army at each block(1 ticket per)3 color and based minimum. 5.playing extra games of AOS per block(1 ticket per game Max 3) 6.purchase of any AOS boxed product.(1 ticket) Final note all games must be played at the games nook and then recorded in the book by an employee.Painted army raffle will need to be verified by an employee as well. Good luck too everybody and have fun playing some AOS. Marcuss.
  7. Bought some I'll never use - asking 150 for the lot, not looking to split. Some are assembled and some are nos. May also take trades in game mats and high quality terrain sets. I also accept Bitcoin and PayPal if it's easier. Drycha Hamadreth Spite-Revenants Tree-Revenants 2x units Kurnoth Hunters Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient I also have some bloodbowl to get rid of - (keeping my Skaven but will never use this box as I am making myself a pitch). Bloodbowl starter box - 80$ Humans built Orks clipped / half built. Nothing else has been opened. Also; New on Sprue Gulliman - $60 New on Sprue Grey Knight Voldus - 30$
  8. Armies and Lots for sale

    Hello I have the following armies/ lots for sale: Nurgle: 1 FW Great Unclean One 1 normal GUO 1 Glottkin 1 Epidemius 1 Be'lakor, Daemon Prince 3 nicely converted flying Daemon princes of Nurgle None are the normal DP. 1 FW,1 Nurgle DP and 1 other model company 3 heralds - 1 FW alt model 1 plague hulk FW ( soul grinder) 6 plague toads (beasts of Nurgle ) FW 6 Plauge drones 15 Nurgling base 80 Plauge bearers (60 are painted to a high standard) *FW stuff is 3rd party, but looks great. Worth over: $1250 CND Asking: $625 Not 100% on selling, but mostly will. Khorne: Skarbrand x 1 Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster x 1 Daemon Prince (Balrog) x 1 Skulltaker x 1 Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut x 1 Bloodcrushers x 6 Flesh Hounds x 5 Skull Cannon x 3 Bloodletters x 80 I have also bought all the proper round bases to field the army in AOS Total: $950 CND Asking: $475 I also have a GW Khorne case I would sell: $150 slaanesh: 1 keeper of secretes 1 The mask 1 Daemon prince - stock 1 Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh1 Exalted Seekers chariot of Slaanesh10 Seekers of Slaanesh40 Daemonettes Total: $360 + Asking: $180 Retribution Army for sale. Casters: Adeptis Rahn Dawnlord Vyros Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper Ravyn, Eternal Light Jacks:Chimera Griffon PhoenixDiscordia Colossal: Hyperion Solos:Arcanist Arcanist Ghost Sniper Ghost Sniper Mage Hunter Assassin House Shyeel Magister House Shyeel ArtificerFane Knight Skeryth Issyen Units:Heavy Rifle Team - Missing 1 backpack bit $1.00 U.S online store. House Shyeel Battle Mages Houseguard Halberdier Officer and Standard Bearer Houseguard Halberdiers Houseguard Riflemen Officer & Standard Bearer Houseguard Riflemen Mage Hunter Commander Mage Hunter Strike Force Mage Hunter Infiltrators - Missing 1 sword bit $1.25 U.S online store. Stormfall Archers Accessories: Retribution Patch Retribution Token Set Retribution Template Set Retribution Card Deck Retribution Dice New MK3 Retribution Starter Box: (Minus the mini rule book)Total Canadian: $1033 CND Asking: $350 CND Joker Gang: See Picture of cards and models to see what is in the gang Purple and green dice Custom made game tokens Purple and Green Custom made blast and spray templates Limited Edition Joker Rule book Joker backpack (fits small carrying case and everything shown) Asking: $100 CN Game of Thrones accessories: Extra large custom Lannister Play mat - asking $50 House Lannister Deck box (magnetic clasps, small side compartment for tokens etc) - Asking $50 Lannister Power tokens - asking $15 Lannister what I used as gold tokens - asking $10 House Lannister house "card" - asking $20 Total: $145 If some one buys the whole lot: $100 Metal Game of thrones coins (10) - asking $20 House Martel "card" - asking $20 Nights watch play mat ( not show) - asking $20 All: $50
  9. Saw this today. Thoughts on what it could be? I'm willing to bet it's a fantasy version of the scouts vs. The orks game.
  10. AoS28 & RPG projects

    So I'm stepping back from anything more than a kitchen table game. My rpg figures are grouped into similar projects classifications or "armies" so naturally I will be able to use them for AoS and similar types of games And so, it begins dark elves/order:
  11. Azyr App

    Has anyone tried the azyr App? It's GW's new subscription based AoS app.