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Found 6 results

  1. Sylvaneth For Sale

    What we have here is a beautifully painted Sylvaneth force with some extra parts. 1 - Treelord Ancient $73 retail 1 - Drycha Hamadreth - $70 retail 3 - Units of 3 Kurnoth Hunters (bows) $210 retail 1 - Unit of 3 Kurnoth Hunters (glaives) $70 retail 1 - Unit of 20 Dryads - $50+ retail 1 - Unit of 10 - Tree Revenants - $90 retail 1 - Unit of 10 NOS Tree/Sprite Revenants - $90 retail $650 retail - Asking $600
  2. AoS Skaven

    I don't play AoS, especially now with 40k having decent rules again, so I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in a skaven army. I'm not looking for an exorbitant amount of money for them, nor do I want to give them up for peanuts (no matter what flavour). I usually see large lots where it's like $1000 retail and they want $600. I'm not looking for that much. If someone may be interested I'll put a full list together with a price, but here is what I remember. Screaming Bell A few jezzails Warpfire cannon Doomwheel Some rat ogres An assassin Thanquol & Boneripper Warpfire thrower 40ish clanrats with sword/shield 40ish with spear/shield 20ish plague monks a few plague censor bearers (that I think I made myself... don't remember) Abomination Warp grinder A couple of packmasters A dozen or more giant rats (only a few are actually giant rats... the rest are smaller rats on single bases) Warplock engineer Warlord with top of his banner broken off 3 stormfiends (1 warpfire, 1 assault cannon, one electrofisty) Nothing is painted. A couple of things are primed. I also have all the bits. If you think you may be interested, let me know.
  3. Path to Glory

    So, could Path to Glory be the game we were hoping that AoS Skirmish was going to be? It sounds like you start with a champion who can level up, gain equipment, and you slowly build your army. It sounds quite neat, I think.
  4. Hi Guys, After some debate, I'm selling my fully painted and based Beastmen army. It has the following. 20x Gors 10x Bestigors 20x Ungor Raiders 6x Minotaurs I'm looking at $200 or best offer (I'm assuming it'll be a best offer sale.. lol). Here are some crappy photos. Pm me if you're interested.
  5. Well I decided I will start up my own Hobby Lobby Post. Any comments and criticism welcome. I strive for a table top standard, hopefully I can reach that. I am still very new to the painting your models instead of paying someone to paint for you. Up first: I recently made a big decision, while it was not an easy one, I think it worked out best for both parties. I traded my whole painted Tomb King army!!! I am still deciding if I regret it or not, a bunch of contributing factors led me to this decision. But this post is not about that, I traded them for an absolute ginormous unpainted daemon army (except for 60 painted plague bearers). This army is all 4 Gods, and it is good for 40k and AoS (except the new tzeentch AoS stuff). With the new league started I wanted to make sure I have a 2000 point painted army for the final round. Since my Iron Jawz are currently sitting only at 1000 points painted (painted by me pics will be later) I decided to go with a nurgle tallyband. Since I already have 60 plaguebeares painted this would be the easiest way to get to 2000 points. So far I have painted 6 plague toads (Beast of Nurgle), 6 Plague Drones, and The classic Greater Unclean One. See below for pics. This was all done within the last week. Up next is Epidemius, and 2 Nurgle Heralds. Please let me know what you think of the models posted, also keep on a look out for pics of my Iron Jawz, and the future Daemons.
  6. I played a game of AoS against Tim this afternoon and it was pretty good. It was a bloody fight, but Tim ended up routing my orcs. Here is a stylized picture of when his halberdiers flanked my orcs and turned the tide. Enjoy!