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Found 31 results

  1. Clearance

    Hey guys and gals I'm looking to simplify my life so looking to sell my 40k and all warmachine 40k chaos - nurgle .......SOLD - land raider...sold - 20 beastmen cultists...$20 - 7 plague marines (new plastic)...sold - 3 HQ from new box set....$20 - 2 HQ (nurgle champion & psyker) ....$10 - Deamon Prince ..... $10 - Foetide bloat drone.... Sold Warmachine Mercenaries - 10 Croe's cuttroats................sold - 10 devil dogs - 10 steelhead halberdiers - (12) Alexia & the risen with thrall warrior............sold - 10 highshield gun Corp - 6 tactical arcanist Corp (2 units of 3) - Major Harrison Gibbs..,........................ sold - Gorman deWulfe - Sergeant Nicolas verendrye - Ragman, solo - Reinholt, gobber speculator, caster attachment - Madayne c, ordic courtesan, solo,..............................,,sold - Keil bailoch, solo....,....,,..........sold - Master gunner macnaile, solo - Nomad, heavy - Mariner, heavy - Freebooter, heavy - Talon, light - Renegade, light - General Ossrum - Magnus the traitor. - 2 token sets Legion of everblight - 2 box sets, new and old (sans two shredders. Plus one ogrun solo. -$50 Retribution - new box set $20 Trolls - Borka 1 - Borka 2................sold - Madrak 1 (slightly converted to look like a standard champion) - Rök, heavy - Dire troll mauler, heavy - Winter troll, light..............sold - Axer, light - Fell caller..................sold - Chronicler - Kriel stone (5) - Trollkin champs (5+ unit attachment) - 5 whelps - 2 token sets Maybe khador - old witch & scrapjack - Zerkova 2 - (6) grey lords on foot, 2 units of 3 - (7) 6 doom reavers with unit attachment - 12 kossite woodsmen ...............................sold - 10 man o war bombardiers - Doom reaver dragoon solo - Lesser warcaster - Yuri the axe, solo - Extreme black Ivan, heavy - 2 converted berserkers, heavy pictures soon
  2. Selling off my Deathguard - SOLD

    Hey guys, With everyone else doing deathguard, Im looking at getting out of it, probably at a deal to you haha. What I have; 1x DG Codex 1x DG Cards 40x Poxwalkers (primed DG Green) 2x Bloat Drones 14 Plague Marines (7 painted 7 primed) 2x Blightbringers 2x LoC 1x Metal Typhus (painted) 2x Maligant Plaguecaster 1x Mortarion Assembled (have sprues if you want extra bits) Looking for 325 or so. Will accept trade offers as well.
  3. Huge Deathguard Leak

    Looks like there was a huge deathguard leak. Here is the table of contents.
  4. WTB Terrain/Mats and Boardgames!

    Hey Guys, Still looking for more terrain and Mats if anyone has em. Looking for Imperial world in shambles / Desert death world stuff but open to almost anything that looks good. Also looking for boardgames(fully intact of course). Anything really - some of the titles on my hitlist; Scythe Zombie Dice Bloodrage Ticket to Ride Carcassone Terraforming Mars Tsuro Tokaido etc.. Star wars Imperial Assault Anything star wars really Tiny Epic : xxxx Pandemic Gloomhaven Got cash/models as always!
  5. Hi guys, I recently took on a HUGE ork commission for a client. I'll be putting stuff here and in the monthly challenge thread. The commission consists of the following: 110x Orks with Various Weapons 6x Killah Kans 6x Deff Koptas 1x Deff Dredd 1x Ork Warboss My client doesn't want green orks. He wants them to have bluish grey skin - something I've been wanting to try anyway. He would like them to have battered orange armour - so I'm working under that condition as well. So far, I've started on the war boss to test the scheme, and this is what I've done in the past couple of hours. I wanted to get a general feel of how you guys like it. I'm gonna be highlighting the armour and damaging the edges. Let me know what you think.
  6. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/09/new-matched-play-rules-in-chapter-approved-aug-9gw-homepage-post-1/ What do you guys think of these three adjustments to matched play? The game sure is changing at a fast and furious pace! On one hand I want to use these rules right away. On the other, however, we don't have the full Chapter Approved book yet. These adjustments are great, but we don't have the full picture. Maybe there are other just as interesting changes that are yet unleaked. Then again, the end of the article mentions a couple of big tournaments running between now and November that will be using these rules.
  7. Upcoming Releases Rumors

    So with the primaris release's being pretty much over what do you guys think is coming in the next couple weeks? We've already had a confirmed Grey Knight and Chaos codex drop next week, but aside from that what are you guys thinking? I assume more Death Guard since we know mortarion is coming, but aside from that, I am at a loss. What's everyone thinking/hoping for?
  8. Hi guys, I was on faeit this morning and I saw this. https://ttgamingdiary.wordpress.com/2017/07/21/review-codex-space-marines-datacards/ And there are a lot more pictures here. https://www.lavozdehorus.com/filtracion-imagenes-del-codex-marines-espaciales/
  9. Here are the summaries of the new space marine tactics. Seem pretty decent to me.
  10. Hi guys, A terrain maker friend of mine is looking for a unit of primaris incessors for an upcoming kickstarter and wants to know if anyone would part for a unit of 5 in exchange for a 40k Ruins starter set. Let me know if you're interested.
  11. Here is the newest edition to Clark's Hive Fleet Swole. There is also 3 Zoanthropes and a hive tyrant coming.
  12. Hi guys, I'm selling a genestealer cult. I'm not going to list a price, as I'm pretty negotiable - and I'm willing to trade. This is what is what I'm selling. I'm willing to paint as part of the deal, but that would reflect on the price and/or trade. Let me know!
  13. Primaris Dreadnought

    Has anyone seen this bad boy?
  14. So I just finished this guy for Geoff, I hate it so much. Mind you, I love the paint job. I just hate the model lmao it offends me for some reason. This is my first time trying out weathering, and I feel like it turned out really nice. My only gripe with it is that I should have gone a little brighter on the steel colouring underneath. I used Steel Grey (Vallejo) because I found it was an appropriate choice, though looking at it now I would have gone with something more like Wolf Grey (Vallejo) or Stonewall Grey (Vallejo). If anyone is interested in the method I used for this weathering, I used what is called the "hairspray method". I started with a black primer, then I basecoated the majority of the model with Steel Grey. I then sprayed a good layer of matte finish, though I doubt it would matter if you decided to use a gloss clear coat instead. After that dried I coated it with 2 layers of hairspray (letting the first dry before doing the second coat), I have no idea what hairspray is good or bad so I just chose one at random and got this one. Now, I had heard tales that once the hairspray on the second coat had been sprayed and before it dried you could toss some coarse cut salt at it and it would stick (and this would in turn come off in a later step to make what would look like paint chips). In practice, however, it did not turn out that way. I finished spraying the second coat and proceeded to throw a handful of salt at the model and literally all of it bounced right off and landed everywhere. I have no idea why, but it stuck like water on a duck. ANYWAYS, after that was all dry I used my airbrush to do the black-to-grey for the main body, the red for the emblem on the front, and the white for the checkerboard (using some small squares of masking tape). Next, you take a hard bristle brush (I used a spare toothbrush), make it damp (hehehehe) and the go to town on the edges (hehehehe part 2). The brush needs to be wet to get the paint to come off, but don't make it too wet or it will stay on the surface and cause problems. Once I was happy with the amount of weathering I dried off any water and put another clear coat on it. This clear coat was important for me since the model was so large, and I needed to touch the model a lot to handle it. And then I did the rest of the detail work as normal. So to re-cap: And finally the finished product:
  15. We're back for the third iteration of Sudbury's largest 40k tournament! The full player packet should be attached to this post. Please look for (BPO FINAL.pdf) Details: 3 rounds of play, 2 1/4 hours per round 2000 points, three detachments No single model unit can be above Power Level 31. ITC Style Missions and FAQ Optional hot lunch November 18th (09:30 Registration / Game 1 at 10:00) Lockerby Legion, Sudbury Registration: $25 - Online registration to follow. 24 players maximum. Lunch: $15 ----------------------------------- Questions: Q: Where else can I get information? A: https://www.facebook.com/BeerAndPretzelsOpen/ A: http://www.frontlinegaming.org/community/frontline-gamings-independent-tournament-circuit/ Q: Man, I hope that the lunch works out better than last year! A: The kitchen staff has been turned over due to... performance issues. Q: Where do I register? A: Best Coast Pairings will be available soon. First to pay, First to play. Feel free to voice your interest in this thread! Edited: I've been waiting for BCP to have a Tournament Organizer App that doesn't require an iThing. That hasn't happened. We will be managing registration between here and the Facebook Event. Q: Is this competitive or casual? A: This event is what the players make it. We aim to accommodate all types of players, and use a self-imposed ranking system that helps ensure you fight people with the same mind-set as yourself for your first matchup. Historically, this has work very well and everyone has left happy. Q: How do I win prizes? A: The BPO rewards the full hobby. Prizes are awarded for Best General, Best Sportsman, and Best Hobbyist while the top prize is awarded to the player with the aggregate score (all scoring tracks are weighted equally). Prize support and distribution is dependent on attendance. Last year we had a total purse in excess of $1000 distributed to nearly 10 prizes! ---------------- Registration The following is a list of players who have shown interest in attending. We can accept 24 players and will continue to manage a wait list. Players who pre-pay by October 17 will be guaranteed a spot. On October 17 we will start contacting the wait list to ensure that we can fill the event. Please contact @Yarium for payment. <spoiler> Paid attendees: JusticeBeaver - Paid / Lunch dreadpirate - Paid / Lunch Kousei - Paid / Lunch Connor Makarucha - Paid / Lunch Kevin Armitage - Paid / Lunch Irvin Armitage - Paid / Lunch Dasjuice - Paid / Lunch Jay Lymer - Paid / Lunch Edward Bush - Paid / Lunch Durek - Paid / Lunch Brandon Carpenter - Paid / Lunch Tyler Saulnier - Paid Peter Longarini - Paid / Lunch Mark Ammirante - Paid / Lunch Steve Marleau - Paid Ben Gammon - Paid Max Robichaud - Paid Dave Balun - Paid Alain Paquette - Paid / Lunch Dante - Paid Kenny - Paid / Lunch Evan Urso - Paid / Lunch Tyler Boorman - Paid Keith Hanson - Paid - owes $5 Registered Players JusticeBeaver - Paid Rashius BaggiestPanther dreadpirate - Paid / Lunch Kousei - Paid / Lunch Connor Makarucha - Paid / Lunch Kevin Armitage - Paid / Lunch Irvin Armitage - Paid / Lunch Taylor - Paid Grimaldus Corey Dasjuice - Paid / Lunch Steve Marleau - paid pending meetup Ben Gammon - paid pending meetup Zaxxon Stygiophobia Jay Lymer - Paid / Lunch Kenny - paid pending meetup Evan Urso Mark Ammirante - Paid / Lunch Edward Bush - Paid / Lunch Durek - Paid / Lunch AVR kyriosepoch Wait List: Taylor D. Brear tourney only Hazard30 Max Robicheaud Pete - Paid / Lunch Brandon Carpenter - Paid / Lunch Tyler Saulnier - Paid </spoiler>
  16. Looking to sell my Death Guard, that's all thats left from the big lot from the other day! Get em while they're ROT! (wow that joke was terrible.) SOLD DEATH GUARD: ($70 for the lot) 1x Lord of Contagion (Built & Unpainted) 1x Malignant Plaguecaster (Built & Unpainted) 7x Plague Marines (Built & Unpainted, includes Plague Champion) 20x Poxwalkers (Built & Unpainted) 1x Noxious Blightbringer (built & Unpainted) 1x Foetid Blight Drone (Built & Unpainted) and they come with a fancy little Death Guard booklet!!
  17. So the time has come where i've made the decision to sell my 40k army. No, no. I'm not leaving the game. I'm just looking to switch to Necrons. Chaos just isn't making me all tingly anymore, ya know? SO YEAH. I have SOLD CHAOS DEMONS: ($50 for the lot) 10x Bloodletters (Built & Painted) 1x Daemon Prince (Built & Primed Black) 1x Bloodthirster (classic pewter, built) will have pictures of this soon. DEATH GUARD: ($70 for the lot) 1x Lord of Contagion (Built & Unpainted) 1x Malignant Plaguecaster (Built & Unpainted) 7x Plague Marines (Built & Unpainted, includes Plague Champion) 20x Poxwalkers (Built & Unpainted) 1x Noxious Blightbringer (built & Unpainted) 1x Foetid Blight Drone (Built & Unpainted) and they come with a fancy little Death Guard booklet!! SOLD CHAOS SPACE MARINES: ($80 for the lot) 1x Chaos Lord (built & primed black) 20x Chaos Cultists (All Built, Some Painted) 13x Chosen (All Built, Some Painted) 2x HelBrutes (Both built, One Painted) 1x Chaos Rhino (Built & Semi Painted) SOLD CHAOS INDEX BOOK: $20 Priced in separate lots, but will make a deal for both lots. I will also accept trades for Necrons.
  18. Imperial Armour 8th Ed.

    Hey guys - just a heads up because I haven't seen it posted, but I checked out warhammer digital, and FW is releasing 4 books on the 17th that will have data pages on all of the forgeworld stuff to add to your army.
  19. My First Guard List

    The internets seem to have full index leaks. Given the apparent points limit of 2000 I went about trying to make a similar Guard List to what I like to play. I was successful and could actually fill a Brigade Detachment for my NINE command points! Astra Militarum Brigade Detachment Power Level 115, Points Level 1998
  20. I passed this on to a few of you this morning via chat, but I'm sure all 40k fans will appreciate this. http://io9.gizmodo.com/this-warhammer-40-000-animated-short-series-is-unbeliev-1794935716
  21. With 8th edition confirmed and around the corner, here's my list of hopes and dreams; given the info we already have (movement values, assaulting out of transports, chargers striking first, armour save modifiers, no templates, 3 modes of play, yearly updates). #1 - Vehicles and Monstrous Creatures like AoS Despite having never played a game of it, I've heard nothing but good things for the AoS system of having big things losing effectiveness as they lose wounds. Some guns fire less often, their movement speed decreases, and they make fewer attacks in close combat. 40k Vehicles has always suffered from a strange combination of being both too tough and too weak; in earlier editions you could get as many penetrating and glancing hits as you want, but if you never wrecked them in the damage chart you'd only ever reduce their effectiveness. I kind of really liked it like that, but problems did occur, especially with Eldar Holofields (the Eldar could force you to reroll the damage result, massively increasing their resilience) and similar effects. Weirdly, they also could die from the first shot in the game, meaning a Land Raider that had shrugged off incalculable damage in one game might die to a lucky Krak Missile on the first shot in another. Other editions both increased vehicle's resilience to the damage table, but made them more vulnerable to sustained fire, and have even given them easy access to saving throws. It's now quite common for a vehicle to either be fighting at maximum effectiveness, or else be dead. Yet still, a single shot from a gun can kill them in a way that a monstrous creature can't. Online you'll find a lot of people saying that Monstrous Creatures are way better for this reason, but they really mean Flying Monstrous Creatures, because the walking ones are all considered pretty terrible. I think giving vehicles Wounds just like monstrous creatures, and having them get weaker as they take damage (with the same applying to monstrous creatures) will give both of these unit types a better role in the game. The main concern is how they're going to make these units vulnerable to the classic "anti-tank/mc" weapons in the game. The ability to "glance" vehicles to death (combined with having to get through Jink, Cover, or Invulnerable saves) made high Rate of Fire weapons much better options than high-powered single-shots at taking out vehicles. It's gotten so bad that we might as well be singing "where have all the Lascannons gone?" So, I am hoping that really powerful weaponry takes 2 wounds off the big things so that there is still a way to hammer vehicle or monstrous creature heavy forces. #2 - Totally Revised Psychic Phase I think the current mix of powers is really, really, terrible. Buffing powers are heinous because they're both incredibly potent (here's looking at you Invisibility, but there are others), while the shooting powers are often hilariously terrible (I think I've cast "Heavy Flamer" psychic power twice ever) because there are so many chances and ways for them to not do anything. Add to this that taking one or two small psykers is a big risk, since psychic-heavy armies will just overload your chances of getting things off, effectively blanking your points before the game has even started. And if your aren't so deep into psykers that you (only nearly!) guarantee specific powers, then you need to just pray to the RNG gods that you get the powers you need, otherwise the psykers will be very ineffective (ie, they'll be blowing up their own brains to cast Heavy Flamer). That said, I do like Psychic Mastery levels to represent how much better a psyker someone is. It should be almost impossible for a regular psyker to get a power off when facing down Ahriman or Magnus, I think psychic powers should be listed on the unit's datasheet for what they know and can do, giving these units solid places in their owner's army compositions. Each power might even work a bit differently, with some being Leadership tests, others being on 4+'s, and some (like Cast Heavy Flamer) just going off automatically. Some psykers will be able to counter spells, while some may be more vulnerable to being possessed by daemons. In other words; I think psykers are too awesome and varied to be constrained by a single catch-all system. Some psykers, like Farseers, absolutely should be about buffing their allies, while Chaos Sorcerers are about drowning people in pure, offensive, magics. Daemons should be the best at appearing out the warp, while Librarians should be smiting their enemies with less powerful but more reliable powers. #3 - No Overwatch I don't like that shooting gets to happen an extra time as you charge someone. The worst case scenario used to be the Riptide (shoot twice, then shoot in overwatch at someone else's charge), but the new Ynnari make it even more disgusting (shoot, shoot when something dies on my turn, shoot when something dies in your turn, shoot in overwatch). There's a lot of 2nd edition appearing to creep back recently, so I wouldn't be surprised if GW makes Overwatch like before (forgo shooting in your turn to shoot at a penalty in your opponent's turn, with a chance to not shoot at all if you're shot at), but I don't even want that. So this one's pretty simple; I just don't want to see Overwatch. Maybe some select units can get it, or maybe Flamers will have the rule still, but otherwise I just want it gone. It can be devastatingly effective at the wrong times that, combined with already having random charge ranges, makes charging so much harder. Yet at the same time, it's only Snap Shots (usually), so it eats up a lot of time to get few (but very important) hits. So just get rid of it. #4 - No Random Charge Lengths The idea of these, I think, was to make charging more cinematic in that they might not make it. In reality, it ate up time and caused some wtf moments, like randomly getting 12 inch charges (which was probably the most fun thing about it) or randomly failing 4 inch charges (how did they not make it!?!). With movement values coming back, I can't see why you wouldn't just go for proper solid charge lengths. Maybe they'll be impacted by difficult terrain still (I do like having it reduced by 2, but it just sucks with the random "oops, you didn't move at all" moments), or maybe they won't, but in any case I'd like to see a solid move here. This would make it such that it'll take the guesswork out of making these charges; you know they're closing and will or won't be in range. Some think this will bring "trigonometry" back to the game, but with pre-measuring now a standard thing, I can't see it being any kind of real issue. #5 - Players Remove Their Own Casualties (and no Look Out Sir!) Okay, I get it, 3rd could be a little silly in that you could suffer loses to guys out of line of sight. Scratch that part out, and you're left with a fast casualty removal system that leaves the interesting stuff behind. I'd like to see a return to that, since it makes it that you're not controlling your opponent's threat ranges by picking off their front line. Just make it that you can only remove models that can be seen by the shooter, and if a shooting attack starts wounding a model, that model continues to take wounds from the same shooting attack. Let players also roll the dice all together again, rather than having to break out each and every different weapon and wargear, such that you can have wound pools made of different stuff. People used to use different coloured dice for this, but you could just as easily roll into different piles. The person taking the same just rolls all their saves and starts removing models. If there's multiple different saves in the unit, then you assign the saves to a starting model, and once he's gone continue assigning the saving throw rolls to the next model. Can this make some units a lot tougher? Sure. But how different is that from having tanking characters right now? This just makes that faster without the need for a Look Out Sir! On side note, such a rule would also allow Precision Shots and Strikes to be more impactful, as right now they're almost always "looked out". Getting rid of Look Out Sir! would be a big step in fixing this. Those are the big ones for me. What do you hope to see in the new edition?
  22. More 40k Terrain

    Spent tonight doing some more 40k Terrain for a client. This time it's some bunkers - one in the snow and one in a city.
  23. Bought some I'll never use - asking 150 for the lot, not looking to split. Some are assembled and some are nos. May also take trades in game mats and high quality terrain sets. I also accept Bitcoin and PayPal if it's easier. Drycha Hamadreth Spite-Revenants Tree-Revenants 2x units Kurnoth Hunters Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient I also have some bloodbowl to get rid of - (keeping my Skaven but will never use this box as I am making myself a pitch). Bloodbowl starter box - 80$ Humans built Orks clipped / half built. Nothing else has been opened. Also; New on Sprue Gulliman - $60 New on Sprue Grey Knight Voldus - 30$
  24. Hey guys - I just finished these 3 statues as a commission. This is a marble statue in a jungle theme. You can't really see the marbling or shine in the picture. I made the vines from wire and a leaf punch. This is a granite statue in a snow theme. I tried out crackle paint for the first time, and it worked out great - but the cracks are too fine to be seen on camera. This one is a desert themed statue. Again, with the crackle paint. You really can't see it, but here is a close up on the head, where it really stands out. Lots of work, but I think it definitely panned out. CnC is definitely welcome.